What's the latest word on the Emotiva UMC-1?

I just bought the Oppo 83 blu-ray player, and now see the Emotiva website says the UMC-1 processor is in initial shipping mode. At only $700, is this processor really of great quality and a bargain compared to the likes of more expensive units from Onkyo, Integra, Marantz, Rotel, etc? I'm looking to spend under $3,000. For strictly home theater use, would you go for the UMC-1 or what other product?
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Have you tried the UMC-1 in a dedicated theater room? How about the Denon 3311? I have...been there, done that. Did you actually try the DTR 40.2? I'm well aquainted with it to say the least. Have you heard one with a good amp?

People should not review gear they have not heard. Oh, and the EQ for the sub is overkill for any good sub and a proper theater room. I didn't need to bother with it. As for auto tuning for rooms, I don't like it. I can always do better on my own as can most people I know. Using starts a baseline at best and the real tweaking for a room begins. Yes, if you don't know how to do it, then go buy a Denon and stay mid-fi.

But the main reason for these devices is to deliver the sonic goods, and the UMC-1 does this better than the Onkyo and FAR better than my now sold Onkyo.

Most of the people who pass judgement on these systems and components never actually compared them. They cruise the forums and pile on about stuff they don't own. In the beginning the UMC-1 was a mess, but it's a great unit and the very effective center of my dedicated theater. If it failed me in any respect it would fly right out with the Onkyo junk.


Which Onkyo model did this UMC-1 beat in your comparison? Just curious.

So the Denon is mid fi but the Emotiva is hifi?
You know the AMC Gremiln looked like a good deal at first aswell.
Kenobi, I had the 40.2 running with Parasound power for a bit. The Onkyo preamp is very old-school Japanese sounding. It lacks depth and weight. My friend runs his theater with the Marantz 8003, which is VASTLY superior in sound to the Onkyo. But even he admits the Emotiva's preamp section is better. BTW, speaker systems involved are Merlin, Magnepan, Focal and Def tech.

Chadnliz, I own Emotiva amps as well as Odyssey, Rotel and the beautiful tube based Manley Stingray II. I've also had Parasound, Rogue and others. I don't comment on gear that I've never heard or heard once at a shop. The gear I discuss has been in my home.

Denon is mid-fi. It's good stuff. But you're being silly if you think a Denon anything will match the Emotiva gear. Using a Rogue Metis preamp the UPA-1 monoblocks held their own against a Odyssey stratos and certainly bested the Rotel 1075. You might also want to read my comparison of how the Emotiva ERC-1 CD player did vs. a far more expensive tube based player. If you don't actually hear this stuff with appropriate associated gear then you have no idea.

Sorry guys. Get back to me when you actually do more than read about these components. Like I said, my system is elaborate. I would not tolerate the UMC-1 if it wasn't excellent. I'm anxious to see Emotiva's full blown processor coming soon.