What's the latest on Jadis, any down side.

I've heard so many stories about this company and their ups and downs. Are they still doing well and is there any reason to avoid owning their gear.
Last week arrived the little Jadis 40 watt intergrated ORCHESTRA. My friend Dave pluged the gold and silver beauty up to his Mirage speakers(Acoustic Zen silver inters Richard Gray power con.) and the little lady charmed us. Does nice things that a 100 watt tube amp does not do. I also own a Rotel 100 watt intergrated. The Jadis 40 watt has almost TWICE THE POWER as the rotel and NO COMPARSION WHAT SO EVER in sound quality. So you go figure!! Like you i was Curious about this "Jadis" (like esoteric-no ads and no talk about) A member refered me to a thread awhile back called "The Jadis Faithful " or something check it out. Reprince and Detlof i believe have big Jadis amps. Looks to me built to last.
Well honestly the Jadis does not have twice the power than the rotel BUT does have 10 X's the quality. Go to my new thread in the speaker cables and interconnects