What's the general concensus on Wavac amps?

I gotta make a quick decision.
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You gotta be kiddin'. These are the 350K ones, right. They got a marginal (considering the cost) review. Just think of the other possibilities! Even if you're independently wealthy, you don't have to be independently stupid.
Well I have a MD 300B that was 6500.00 but now is 7500.00. I paid 3200.00 for it as a Demo, that no longer had the glass piece that just sits on the amp for looks. It replace a over 12,000 worth of audio note amps and preamp. It is clearly better, with an emphasis on the word clear. It has more apparent power, and quicker and tighter bass. The midrange is just magical. I have a review you can go and read. One other thing it has never needed any service, where the audio notes were not all that dependable. I know they make some really unbelievably expensive stuff but they make two amps that are really great for under 8K.
I have the Md572 amp which replaced a Jadis Da60 amp. the Wavac in my system, bettered the Jadis. I currently also have an Air Tight ATM3, which in some respects the Wavac betters, however, overall the Air TIght is in anothe league.
i also have a 572, and despite the limited tube availability, its a keeper...drives the piss out of WP6s and makes them more musical than i (or any of my friends) have ever heard wilsons sound. OTOH, the parts quality (other than those wonderful x-formers) is suspect---read this two ways: they economized during production, and parts swapping should net big improvements.

fwiw, i've had some tech difficulties, but nothing that i couldn't resolve myself w/ some contact cleaner.

overall, most highly recommended.

I have an MD811 driving Silverline Sonatina II. Absolutely beautifull. Cant play way loud but mid range is magical.

If you want the best that tubes can be, this is it.
Mr. Peabody and his Wavac machine were always a joy to behold (right up there with the Boris & Natashia segments).
The entry wavac 300b is around 7000 and is a DC couple interstage design with custom Tango transformers. This is maybe the optimal design type for a single tube SET amplifier; very expensive to produce.

Try to source the necessary transformers to build the amp and power supply for a DC interstage amp with the same quality as the Wavac. All of the other 300b amps that are in the same ballpark or a bit less are capacitor coupled with rare exceptions