What's the frequency Kenneth?


I need some help, if possible. After moving and months of looking for a place to live and waiting for a stand to set my gear up, I finally got my system put back together. Thor electronics, Accuphase CD player and Tannoy speakers. Boy did it sound sweet! While I was checking the bias on my amps, with no music playing, I heard something faint and low coming from the speakers. After putting my ear close, I could tell it was a radio station. WHAT???!!! So low, it was almost undiscernable, but still there. Not obvious at all during music playing, but still there. Now, if I wasn't an obsessive, compulsive neurotic ( Wait - What was that noise?) about my gear, this would not bother me. But it does. I'd like to fix it, if possible, but have no idea where to start. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.

Well, if you're not using shielded interconnects, maybe you should try that, or go to RadioShack and get some RFI filters to install on the interconnects and power cords. Anyway, that's where I'd start. The longer the cable run, the more likely it could be acting as an antenna.

The tube gear may be more prone to picking up RFI than your solid-state components.

The thread title brought a smile to my face remembering how Dan Rather was pummeled while being asked, "Kenneth, what is the frequency?" Thanks for the memories.
You might try shielded interconnects as suggested and check ground/power. Most likely it is a lack of shielding for RFI on the ICs (at least that is what I had seen before)...
My brother had the same experience, only worse. He traced it his satelite TV decoder. His solution was to plug the satelite decoder into a Monster power strip instead of the basic strip he was using.
Lugnut- R.E.M. wrote a song with that title after the incident with Dan Rather.
P.S. didnt 'they' come to the conclussion,the frequency was just in Dans head??
This tread prompted me to do a Google search on "Dan Rather What's the Frequency Kenneth". I was always curious about the origin on the question. Well, believe it or not, here's an incredible explaination!!!!!


Check it out!


Thanks, TIC!
I recall that, after years of Dan Rather being ridiculed, the story had been validated by the arrest of the perpetrator, but I never knew the whole story of this obviously psychotic individual, and I did not know he had murdered someone.
So, no, David, Dan was on solid ground this time, unlike the time he walked off the set live during a CBS News evening broadcast.
Thanks for the help, guys. I'll give the suggestions a try.


Dave, I had a problem with RF in my system. I live close to a few high powered AM stations. I replaced ALL my Cardas cables with Canare. Problem solved and the sound is great!


I didn't even think of this until you mentioned it, but there is a country radio ststion up the road about a quarter of a mile away. That could very well be the root of the problem. I will look into the Canare cables. Thanks for the heads up.