What's the farthest you've traveled for live music

I have only traveled 6 hours for live music, although my wife has seen 124 Grateful Dead shows, so she has me beat big time. I'm not talking about seeing live music because you happened upon a live venue while traveling for work or vacation. I'm talking about finding out one of your favs is playing in L.A., and it's the closest they're playing to your home. You live in let's say Dallas. (I personally live in Rochester N.Y.). You take time off work and board a plane or hunker down for a nasty car ride.
When I was in a band we toured the US coast to coast in 2.5 weeks. Four 18 year olds, with a van and trailer. Most memorable summer of my life.
Have traveled 250 miles to Lake Tahoe many times over the past 35 years to hear live music. Have found out that some live music can actually be very dead music. And we're not talking Grateful Dead.
Flew from upstate NY to SF, CA to see Grateful Dead on New Year's eve. No doubt lots of stories like that on this site; the Dead may hold the total fan mileage record. Would not consider anything like that now (and now, unlike then, I can mostly afford it), unless there were other reasons to make the trip as well.

Have now started a modest July 4 tradition of driving 250 miles from home in St. Lou to Iowa City for the Iowa City Jazz Fest, which I recommend. Times do change . . . .