What's the differences between Krell's Cxs and Mc

Has anyone heard the new Krell Csx series? I have a couple of FPB 250M amps and I was wondering if it's worth upgrading to a 350Csx. I know that the upgrade puts out more power but any improvement in sound?
Yes I have. I think it is a worth while upgrade. I got a chance to hear them side by side at my local dealer. Besides the power increas Krell ads thier improved cast II and sustained bias III circutry. I am on a waiting list for the upgrade myself. Good luck.........Vader

Thanks for your reply. Can you describe the sound improvements. Do you know what the upgrade cost is?
Yo, Sfstereo, the answer is yes, yes, and no...I don't know. Yes I have heard them. The difference in sound is not subtle, it is the biggest improvement I have heard from Krell in the whole time I've known about Krell. The new FPB-xxx-Csx series is smoother, more laid back, and ballsy-er then the former cast series. They are much easier to listen to.
I passed on the chance to own the former FPB-300C (at a great price) and am now planning to buy the 350Csx (stereo, not monoblocks) because it is way better.
No, I don't know the difference in price on the ones you listed, but I don't think that the prices changed much.
If you are interested, I know where I can get a new demo unit (FPB-350Csx) at a good price.
Sfstereo, I do agree with Audiopath on most of his comments, however it is far from laid back. I dont know what equipment Audiopath uses but the system I heard it in had tremendous slam! The bass would cave in your chest at the proper volume. The upgrade cost depends on your unit and its age. as always .....good luck Vader!