What's the difference between a Citation I and IV

Over the next year I'm planning on getting the citation preamp to go with my Citation II (after the rebuild), but I'm perplexed on the difference between the I and IV preamp.

I plan on using Jim McShane's rebuild kits on all of the Citation components I purchase, but I'd really like to know what the difference is between the two preamp versions?

Is the I worth that much more than the IV or could I convert a IV to a I with one of Jim's rebuild kits???

Its a LONG time ago but my memory tells me that the 4&5 were lower cost versions of the 1&2. If you are going to rebuild the 4 with modern parts it should sound better than the original 1 in any case. Why not ask McShane what he thinks if he works with them?
Good, God why didn't I think of that!!!

I think I'll wait until I have his first rebuild kit ordered before I bug him about that.

I've got another month or two to save before I can get the kit. I've currently got it hooked up to some Martin Logan Sources (or purity) and it sounded fantastic for a month. After that you could tell there were power surges taking place so I shut her down.

I was actually amazed at the quality of the sound especially considering electrostatics aren't the most efficient speakers. Just feeding an iPod into it was a great experience. Makes me wonder what the full rebuild will sound like.

Thanks for the advice...

Stanwal is correct, the IV is the lower-cost version of the I. The designs are different, you cannot convert a IV to a I. That said, all of McShane's kits are well-regarded; I think he offers one now for the IV. The prices for the I have gone up a lot on the used market. Have fun!