What's the dif bewteen Vandersteen 2CE and 2CE Sig

Hey guys,

I have a set of Vandersteen 2CEs and I see a pair of 2CE Sigs out there for sale at a decent price. I'm curious what the big differences are between the two and if it's worth picking up the upgrade.

Just to confuse you even more ..... The current version is the 2Ce Signature 2.
I found this on the Vandersteen website:

What is the difference between 2Ce & 2Ce Signature.

The 2Ce Signature’s advancements include:

· Barrier strip bi-wire inputs for the optimum cable to speaker interface. Cables need spade lug connectors with a maximum width of 7/16 inch.

· Upgraded crossover components.

· More sophisticated crossover technology with enhanced design and layout.

· An upgraded tweeter. (The one used in the Model 3A.)

· Improved coupling and transition between the woofer and the active acoustic coupler.

The 2Ce Signature is more transparent and conveys spatial information better than any previous Model 2 series loudspeaker. The low frequencies are tighter and more detailed. The highs are cleaner and lower in distortion.

With the addition of the 2Ce Signature, the Model 2 series reaches a new pinnacle of performance and musicality.
I haven't heard the 2CE in a long time I can't comment on the difference between the two. Another option I would consider is having your speakers updated to Sig 1 status.