What’s the deal with high end CD transports not having the ability to program tracks!?

First it was the Pro-Ject CD Box RS2, now I find out that the Jay’s Audio transports also lack this feature. I am scratching my head wondering why on earth anyone would deliberately leave out such a basic feature that has been a part of CD playback since the very beginning? I can’t see how including it could possibly have any impact on sound quality. Sure, some don’t use, or care about this feature, but others do. Why tick off potential customers in an already limited market? Are they trying to make the experience more like vinyl? If so, that seems pretty lame. The other thing that is frustrating, is that none of the professional reviews even bother to mention this lack of a very basic feature. Has anyone purchased one of these transports unaware of this, and been disappointed?


I have an old Sony XA20ES CD player with an external DAC. It has all those functions and I agree, "why not include them"? I don't think the high cost of these transports are worth it. You don't get much??? Maybe they think extra electronics introduces noise??

I can stay with the Sony till it dies and I can't get parts.

don't think the high cost of these transports are worth it. You don't get much??? 

You are of course entitled to your opinion. Many happy owners of the Pro-Ject RS2T and Jay's Audio CDT transports would beg to differ.The very high quality sound is in fact worth it.





I haven’t heard these particular transports for myself, but I know from experience that transports do make a substantial difference in sound quality. I’m not questioning the reports of excellent sound from these particular transports, nor the general practice of leaving out features that negatively impact sound quality, just the rationale behind this decision to omit a basic feature that I can’t see having any impact on sound quality.

The Simaudio 260d transport alllows for track programming , and sounds good

I agree with the OP. It should be included in any stand alone transport, but I also agree with Charles. A good transport without that feature is still worth it for the increase in sound quality.