What's the deal with Ebay and Paypal these days?

I thought you couldn't sell or buy on Ebay without their having a checking account for you.

But I just bought some speaker wire and it went right through paypal. 

Can I sell things on Ebay and have people pay me via paypal?    
If you sell on Ebay you need to link a checking account. Ebay will not put any money in your paypal account anymore.


WOW that's a new one on me.. They always credit me back the way I pay...Been a while sense a credit though..

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ebay just changed how the seller gets paid,..no changes for making purchases
I've been banned from selling on eBay for 10 years because I don't have a PayPal account, I refused to have one anymore but buy as a guest. So now I don't need a PayPal account to sell? Is that what your laying down?
Ebay no longer uses PayPal to handle the financial transactions. They now do it in-house. They take many types of payment including Google Pay & PayPal. The procedure is called Managed Payments. When payment is made by the buyer, after they receive an invoice with shipping and state sales tax, the seller can buy a shipping label that is directly subtracted from the total, along with all eBay fees. The remainder will be deposited in your checking account in 3 days or less. You are required to have a checking account and the application form requires your Social Security number. The system works really well and includes The Seller Hub that tracks everything for you and is very intuitive.
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I won't sell on ebay anymore due to the checking account requirement. Other sites have proved to be better overall for selling. Goodbye ebay...
Ebay sucks ass Royaly , there so greedy certain items you would be able to find Are not worth listing so you will never see them. I was an early power seller and towards the end I felt like a slave to eBay it’s at a point where they make all the money on the transaction and dont do nothing , it’s my stuff, it’s my labor , it’s my effort , I need more money to make it worth it for me . And that’s why I won’t sell on eBay anymore . Better off on offer up or craigslist dealing with the crazies . 

I was just bumped into managed payments by eBay. I had no choice, but remarkably, after I was in managed payments the proceeds of one of my sales wound up in PayPal. As long as I get paid in the end, I suppose it works but clearly, funds were available to me quicker via PayPal than they are now via managed payments