What's the deal with all the spam lately?

Seems like everytime I visit lately, the forum is full of spam. What's up?
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Yeah, no fun. I wonder if Insiders see spam.
1. New accounts could only post with moderation for the initial number of legitimate posts. That seems to be disabled and now anyone can join and post anything under any name.
2. It also appears they have no language character detection enabled.

I've wondered the same, just saying...
We're all under a lot of stress and anxiety from politics and world tensions these days. For some, perhaps it's a way to let off some steam. I just try to see it as "family;" sometimes you love 'em, sometimes you can't stand 'em. Just try to hold the line on personal insults and stick to the topics at hand is my MO. 
Spammers always been around, that's what they do. Create a bunch of email accounts, start signing up various forums, and spam.

Augon mods doing a good job keeping up with it, they'll get a handle on it.
Infectious bacteria is basically spam, so it's been around for a long time.
Hey guys, Just to let you know that we are aware of the increase in Spam. Myself as well as the  other Moderators are trying to remove it as soon as we see it. Our Developers also have a plan for the first of the year, that will significantly  help cut down the number of spam posted  or eliminated from the onset of the first post. 
My idea was the number and nature of complaints could be the trigger for an 'automated removal', via a slick bit of programming.
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I ALWAYS have spam and rice for the holidays!
Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you'll find gainful employment in the new year.
Thanks @Admin -Merry Christmas!
Yes indeed. Every morning, early, I see perhaps 7-20 Spam posts.
Just right now I see another 10 or so. Mostly movie subject matter.
Spam, spam,spam, egg and spam. 
I feel bad for the spammers because they obviously have some issues wasting their time like that.
Spam - the miracle meat that cares
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