What's the best XLR cable for home theatre

Hi,Before I make a mistake,I would like to know what XLR cables do you guys recomend me for my home theatre,My system is as follow,brand new,just bought it a simaudio titan 7 amp,B&k ref 50 proc.martin logan ascent main,theatre center,aeon sorround.I'm using right now nordost blue heaven rca.so what cable should I buy and what difference should I notice on what ever cable you guys recomend me. any help will be highly apreciated.
Can anyone help me?
Try over in the cables forum...

I have Classe prepro and amps, and I heard essentially no difference between reasonably equal RCA and XLR - until the amp moved 25 feet away to the front of the room, between the speakers. I have Cardas interconnects, rather than Nordost.

My best guess its that short-run XLRs of similar quality to your Nordosts would sound about the same, especially given the Ref50.
Thanks a lot, but what preamp do you recomend me,that definetely will give me a difference ,more detailed sound that I WILL BE ABLE TO TELL?