What's the best way to send stuffs over to Europe

Well I need to send an amp to a buyer from Germany. The shipping cost is just too expensive (Post office is about 150 and Fedes/UPS is even more).

Anyone knows a more inexpensive to ship stuffs overseas?
If you have a business, you can use BAX Global but they will not pick up at a residence.
UPSP will probably be your cheapest but once it leaves our shores there is no tracking.
Actually you can track your package through USPS if you use the Express Mail International service. If you however decide to go with the less expensive Priority Mail International service the number on the Customs Declaration form can be used to track the package.
I just recently sent a heavy amp 100Lbs to England and used FED EX International Economy. It was the cheapest but still rather costly however the buyer paid. It arrived in excellent shape in 3 business days and I was able to track it all the way.

I've used USPS to ship amps and other electronics most cost effectively to Britain, Norway and Italy. Its a little scary and unnerving until things arrive due to poor tracking, but in each case the items did make it there just fine. Always make sure to double box and pack well to avoid damage in case of common mishaps. Also be aware that cost can run even higher due to import duties in some countries, like Norway, I believe.
DHL, value pricing and handling is better then UPS. Call them for a quote.