What's the best way to clean greasy tubes?

Last Saturday in a Manhattan fleamarket i picked up 20 RCA 6gk5 tubes for CJ Premier Ten.They are NOS and look unused.The problem is that some of them are heavily fingerprinted and it looks like some people were taking them out of the box just after finishing eating a greasy hot dog.
I noticed it on the glass and on the rods,depending what side of the box was opened.My question is:what is the best way to safely clean the glass and the rods.Should i use heavy duty electric contact cleaner on them?Thanks for you replies.
Pure surgical alcohol shoud do the job as well as dishwashing liquid with lukewarm water.

Any 90+% isopropyl alcohol should do the trick on the glass. I would hold the tube glass side down so liquid alcohol did not accidently run into the base and pool there. For the pins I think contact cleaner may be good too.