What's the best system in the world?

Is there a reference system today like there used to be when infinity was top dog?
Duh....hello...McFly...THIS is the system by which all others are judged.

Next question!
That was funny!
Not sure a reference can be qualified. Everyone has different taste. One guys reference may be annoying to someone else. Can I ask why you are asking? Are you looking at putting together a new system?
Infinity was top dog only in Arnie Nudell's mind, I never cared for them. The real reference system is live music, try to find the system that sounds the most like it. There is no one system that does everything the best or sounds the best to everyone.
The best system is the one you dream about. The one that features that ''gotta-have-it'' magnetic attraction to it. Nothing much to do with enjoying the music that much. It's all about gear-lust. This is the sad, twisted nature of this hobby in a never-ending quest for the holy grail, where great gear ends up being ''never good enough''.

Or you can say to yourself that the best system is the one currently in your living room at this very moment. And after a few glasses of wine listening to your favorite artist or band, not some music for ''show'' of audiophile fireworks (I couldn't care less about the ''air'' about the instruments anymore), I garantee you that your dream system, it will become.

Food for thought maybe ?
They sure weren't the reference standard in my opinion either.
Very funny first response.

Kind of difficult to say, but here are some others:










In response to the first one,wait until the SET tube model comes out!

....in the world?

the one I didn't have to buy.

it's either that or the next one I will put together.

My own humility prevents me from sayihng it's the one in my listening room.

....Well that and the actual facts.

AS much as I'd like to believe it's a best of compilation filled with the top this or that, it's probably made up of entirely a one brand setup with possible exception of the wires and speakers.
What were the reference systems of the past then??
I know the magazines don't award that nowadays for the sake of being embarrassed or laughed at. But in the automobile world or for the wine connoiseur there are those ratings that denote the top ones. Surely in audio one can be considered for that award or a bunch can qualify as contenders.
Yes we audiophiles can't agree which speaker or amp is the best, there is good reason for that; different taste or listening priorities.
As for me I thought the Wilson Alexandria x2's and mbl 101's are the best, with a close second going to magico mini, Verity Audio, Vienna Acoustics.
In the end I have to admit that there are many to choose from that are very good sounding, and I'm glad as one can see in our virtual systems there are alot of happy campers even those that have bose, poor things must be deaf.
What's the best system in the world?

Mine is,of course !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The one you don't own. The best is always the one you are seeking, otherwise, why would you be 'hunting'.
Mike Fremer's?
fremer wishes his system was as good as mine !!!!!!!!!
There is a system that is under construction but I believe it will be the best in the world when it is finally completed...

DAC: Orpheus Labs Heritage

Preamplifier: Tidal Presencio

Power amplifiers:The Sovereign (4 monoblocks )

Speakers: Tidal Sunray

Cables: Argento Flow Master Reference
If only audio were as simple to define as cars or wine for high ratings.
Unfortunately, audio is ever evolving, new people coming on the scene, old ones leaving. Science or technology progresses, understanding the basics of what sound/music is increases all to the good. Wines, have a limited number of areas that they can grow well in, living in Sonoma County, I can vouch for that. Cars can be good, but considering how many have been made and how few are considered great after ten or more years, it winds up being about performance and perseverance.
Audio is about bring something that happened somewhere else at another time and place into the here and now. Good Luck.
Seances try the same thing only with those no longer here.
Getting close is good, being there when it happened it better.
So what is the best system in the world? Having the ability and the space to bring the music makers you want to you when you want in your space and just sit back and listen
at least for living artists.
Does it matter?
If you owned the best system in the world you'd probably decide to try some new equipment. That'a how Nirvana works you know- it's a chase, with no arrival.

So I say it's the one I already have!
Jmcgrogan2 only after Bill LeGall at Miller Sound modifies the thing!
The one you don't have.