What's the Best Speakers use with the CAT JL2/SL1?

System : Amps/Preamp: Convergent Audio Technologie JL2/SL1 ultimate, Turntable/Arm: Simon Yorke S7 with Graham 2.2, Cartridge: Benz Micro Ruby 2/Lyra Helikon, Phono cables: Graham IC-70/Cardas Golden reference, Interconnects/Speakers cables: Cardas Golden reference,
CD Player: Audio Aero Capitole, Tuner: Sequerra FM Reference.
What is the best Speakers to use with this system equipment?
My room size: 18ft x 13ft x 8.5ft.

Razen: 1st, Wow, excellent system! (if I may use the word). As to yr question: IMO (and experience) you can drive ALL of the reasonably sensitive speakers with yr CAT combo -- the list is, believe me, long enough for a PhD. Anything that's phase correct (or more or less), reasonably even, & fast -- to do justice to yr electronics. What music do you listen to, and how do you like yr reproduction to sound -- not least, what speakers are you using now & why are they lacking...?
Among the brands (purportedly) used by Mr CAT &/or his dealers are: A-Physics, Symphonic-Line, Genesis, Quads, Avalon, Soundlab, the Bella Luna model (manufacturer?), Thiels (a variety, it seems), Sonus Faber... many others can apply. Take your pick, your only restriction is the room size!
At the recent Stereophile show, CAT electronics were paired very successfully, in my opinion, with EgglestonWorks speakers. I believe you would experience bliss with the Andra, Rosa, or, if your bank account allows, the Savoy.
Based on your room size. Talon Ravens or the WB Discovery.
Hello Gregm,

I using now the Aerial 10T speakers, I listen music: Jazz,
Jazz Vocal voice, Classical, Blues, and litlle pop music,

What your recommendation between Eggleston Works Andra II,
or Audio Physics Avanti III or last NEW powered bass.


Razen -

Your equipment is superb, and your amplifiers can drive just about anything out there.

Rather than make a specific speaker suggestion based on your amplifier and room, I'd rather explore your priorities a bit. You see, tradeoffs are inevitable at pretty much any price point.

Here's a list of loudspeaker qualities. The list is arbitrary; I made it up. If you want to play along, pick out the qualities that matter most to you, and PLEASE feel free to add any requirements of your own.

1. Convincing timbre (the natural sound of voices and instruments).

2. Inner harmonic texture & nuance (you can easily hear all the tiniest details).

3. Clarity and articulation (you can readily understand the lyrics, easily pick out and follow a single voice or instrument, and clearly hear the different parts in a highly complex musical passage).

4. Coherence (musicians are "together" and "in the groove"; also no sense of listening to different drivers).

5. Dynamic contrast (liveliness and impact).

6. Superb imaging/soundstaging for a single listener.

7. Good soundstaging over a wide listening area.

8. Rich, lush sense of ambience and spaciousness.

9. Natural-sounding bass.

10. Extreme deep bass extension.

11. Unobtrusive size and visual appeal.

12. Sounds great at low volumes.

13. Sounds great at medium volumes.

14. Sounds great at high volumes.

15. Forgiving of less-than-ideal recordings and sources.

16. Ruthlessly accurate and revealing.

17. Freedom from colorations that remind you you're listening to boxes, not live music.

18. Works well in less-than-optimum location within your room.

19. Non-fatiguing over long listening sessions.

20. Gives a convincing front-of-the-hall presentation.

21. Gives a convincing middle-of-the-hall presentation.

Some of these qualities tend to be mutually exclusive, but don't worry about that. The idea is to focus in on what matters most to YOU, and also to find which areas you are willing to accept some compromise in, if you have to.

Enjoy your quest!

I agree with the other members, excellent system! I really would take a serious look at Vandersteen Model 5 speakers. I have a pair and have found them to be the best speakers I have heard under 20K.(they sale for around 11K new with standard finish and crossovers)Good luck.
Quintessense Audio in San Diego makes a speaker called the "Summit". Being a CAT owner and a friend of Ken Stevens, who has shown his amps with Quintessense before... well, I think that would be your best speaker choice.
Vandersteen 5 speakers or JM Lab Mezzo Utopias. Both of these speakers are incredible
Razen -- what speakers did you end up with?

Thanks for All,

Speakers choices between Quintessence or Talon Khorus MKII.
I took the opportunity to call Ken Stevens of CAT and read him this thread. He was impressed by the general quality of advice and had a couple of additional suggestions.
If you have the scratch, by all means consider the Wilson Grand Slamms. They're fantastic speakers that work beautifully with CAT electronics. And if you want extremely transparent and dynamic sound that won’t break the bank, consider a pair of Merlin VSM Milleniums combined with a pair of Janis W-1 subwoofers. With CAT electronics, it’s very hard to beat the Merlin/Janis combination at any price. Best of luck with your decision!
Try Edolon by Avalon which should mate perfectly with the combo if transparent, fast, taut, responsive and coherent
sound is what you are longing for. This system also sounds big and authorative, with staggering bass reproduction. You just can't go wrong with it.

Think seriously about Vandersteen 5A. You will be able to tune them to your room and have a sound that will NEVER give you any headache people may get even listening to the best systems around. Specially with the electronics you have!!!! Mark
Ken Stevens at Cat has a pair of VSM MXs ordered.
It's an understatement to say that I'm using CAT JL-1's quite successfully with Soundlab M1's. At a very understated 100W each, these monoblocks control the -- difficult to drive -- M1's superbly.
The JL3's have replaced the JL1's. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the JL1 (and JL3) put out more than 100 watts. The JL2 stereo amplifier is rated at 100 watts per channel, which incidentally is plenty to drive current production Sound Labs, while of course JL3's or JL3 Signatures are that much beefier.

Brian Walsh
Brian, I purchased my JL-1's used from a local audio dealer (non-CAT). He advised the 100 watt specification.

Additionally, a web reviewer -- http://www.high-endaudio.com/RC-Amplifiers.html -- also advises the 100 watt rating.

Because I don't have a manual for the JL-1’s, and Ken Steven's web site -- http://www.convergentaudio.com/products.htm -- is not fully operational, I certainly can't advise or find out the correct wattage. Perhaps someone that knows for sure, will be kind enough to do so -- I would certainly like to know.

Nevertheless, the JL-1’s drive the Soundlabs with aplomb. Moreover, a contributor to the aforementioned web reviewer site advises his JL-2 does a great job.
Mike, convergentaudio.com is NOT the domain of Convergent Audio Technology. That domain is owned by someone in Florida, not by Ken Stevens. An official CAT website is being worked on, I am told.

Brian Walsh
Oops, thought I had found their "new" site, thanks for the correction.
On the wattage subject, a savvy diyer/EE could calculate the actual 8ohms output by referring to the ubiquitous downward doubling: i.e. 400W @ 2ohm should really correspond to ???W (140??) at 8ohm?
Sean??? Anyone???
No flames please:)