What's the best sounding equipment racks?

I am in the process of building a designated room. Since I am starting fresh, I figured I would replace my Zoethecus equipment racks for a few new ones. From my research, I have found three companies which seemed to shine above the others. Billy bags, symposium and solid steel/rack of silence. I instincts tell me a fully loaded symposium with some the best, but it's cost prohibitive for me. Does anybody have an opinion on the Billy versus solid steel-Rack of silence?
I dont know if you are really stepping up to the next level going from Zoethecus to Billy Bags. You should consider Grand Prix Audio. When I went from Zoethecus to Grand Prix Audio I was able to detect the improvements. I dont know anything about Symposium.
Check out the Core Design's products. I bought their equipment racks, and, after receiving them, and seeing firsthand how they are assembled, I truely doubt you can find better, especially considering the price. Constrained layer damping on each shelf. Excellant fit and finish, Yada, yada, yada. Just look for yourself. Highly recommended. Happy Listening.
Find a good, local welding shop and have them build custom rack to fit you needs and space. I did that years ago and it was very cost effective. The guy did a great job and fit and finish was excellent. I left the unit behind when I sold the house as the space I was moving to could not accommodate.
Another vote for Grand Prix Audio Monaco Modular racks & amp stands here.
HRS makes the best sounding equipment racks but they cost as much as most of the equipment that you would place on it.
Finite Elemente Pagode Master Reference. Made in Germay. Period.
Are you trying to say Solid Tech Rack of Silence?
I was looking recently and liked the Star Sound so well I became a dealer for them. Amazingly effective at damping vibrations and looks good also. The Finite Elemente MIGHT be better but cost 4x as much.
You can't audition a rack, so I would not replace the rack until the room is finished and you have a chance to listen to your equipment in the new room. Everything may sound so good, you may not feel the need to replace it. Just my .02 cents.
silent running audio craz rack
best sound upgrade I ever made
Take a look at Composite Audio platforms and racks...