What's the best sounding dome tweeter available?

I'm thinking of trying the DIY route for a pair of full-range speakers. In your opinion, what is the BEST dome tweeter available and the best place to buy it?
Thanks and happy listening!
I think the Scanspeak 3/4 inch dome tweeter is excellent. It is widely used in high end and easily available. Remember, though, you have to match it with the other drivers you pick.
The best drivers for DIY kits are offered on e-speakers.com...i've got a design in the making...if you want to know more email me
When you say dome do you mean both inverted and "regular." The Accuton's and Focals are inverted. What always confuses me a little is the disparity in pricing and how people talk about them. The Morel MDT-33 is only $120 and the Hiquphon's are only $90 but then the others jump to $200 for the Scan-speak revelator and some of Focal's. I don't know which one is better though. I've heard others say the Vifa ring radiator (at less than $100?) is good, but that the Scan-speak ring-radiator isn't that great??? (and several times the price). But the Morel is a good one. I only think the real differences kick in, where what's the best here isn't the best there is if you are crossing over really low, say 2,000hz. And then of course the 3/4" domes will have better off-axis response and freq. increases. The 3/4 are more suited for higher xover points where you can reap the benefits of good off axis, but if the xover is low then its back to the 1", especially if you're going to play loud. I think VMPS stated they feel one of the Focal tweets is the best in the electrodynamic transducer area. I'll leave that diamond Accuton alone.
Any opinions or thoughts on the Esotar or other models from Dynaudio? Know anything about their new Esotar-2?
i've asked a simular question on madisound...and the speakerphiles told me that question has too many conditions with it..xover design is very important..you may want to consider ribbons in your tweeter search