What's the best software for

I use iTunes, but I don't like the way it handles metadata. I've tried a few options, but I haven't found anything that "floats my boat".

1. I want accurate information, proper spelling and punctuation.
2. I DO NOT care about "genre". Genre is the most useless bit of information. I just had iTunes/Gracenote label Paul Simon as "punk"!?!?
3. I want good album art. Nice and clean
4. I want "greatest hits" and "compilations" to be organized. I don't want a dozen listening for one album because of the "guest" musicians.

I've learned how to fix this manually by changing the tags, but it's a pain. Any suggestions will be great. Thanks for your help!
Referencing your No. 3 - I got virtually all of my artwork for iTunes from Google Images. Quite often you get several options for the same album cover. Occasionally I got a good one from freecover.com (I think there was a dash in there somewhere because there were two freecover websites.

Like you, I had to manually change a lot of tags to suit my needs and it was indeed a pain but now it is done and a great program IMO.
I wish I knew the answer to this.

Itunes does not edit the info in the original file, so if something goes wrong all your work making changes and organizing goes out the window. Happened to me a few times...
You have the same problem we all do. It's not iTunes fault, it's the database it draws from. CDDB is really the only game in town and if it's not to your liking you have to change the tags.

If you don't care about genre don't use it.

WalMart.com has 500x500 covers for a lot of stuff.
Amazon has quite a few.
Google images has some.

This site has a limited selection but they are quite good.


iTunes does edit the file and store the tags within if it is mp3, ALAC, or AIFF but not if you use wav.