What’s the best SACD you’ve ever heard?

I don’t have one yet as I’ve just got everything working correctly here, but I’d be very interested in hearing about your favorites.


Rock - Pink Floyd:  "Wish You Were Here"   Just one huge beautifully focused "ball of sound" around the front of the listening room.  +10 for clarity!

Jazz - Clark Terry "Portraits" - It may be the best Chesky release of all time!  Great tuneful jazz by guys who are in the groove.  "Literally" wall to wall sound precisely imaged.  As with Pink, +10 for clarity.
+1 @stereo5   I should have mentioned "Amused To Death"!  No other recording that I have heard in stereo has sound that wraps around to the right and left of my listening position like that recording.  Besides that remarkable effect, it is a great (prescient?) recording about the current state of entertainment culture.  Fantastic sound quality with interesting instrumentation and arrangements of songs.
Jorma Kaukonen, "Blue Country Heart." I lent it to someone and he never returned it despite many requests. He is a good friend who lost his wife to Cancer shortly after. I just couldn’t ask again. If I want it that badly I can always buy another one. I know, TMI
Ray Brown / Monty Alexander / Russell Malone

A really nice mainstream (has melodies, doesn’t require perseverance to listen to it) album from three top notch jazz musicians. I’m not going to say it’s the best, but it’s a good one.
For me, Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin and Paco de Lucia "Friday Night in San Francisco".  This was recorded live at the Warfield Theatre in 1980.  Just three guitar masters having a wonderful time on stage with fantastic acoustics!
Thanks all,

tomcy6, I’m sorry but I haven’t heard of any of the three you listed, but I will take a look see.

stereo5, I would have never thought about Black Sabbath. LOL 

 I have Darkside and will start looking for Wish you were here.

boss302, I do really like Al Di Meola and will keep an eye out.

I have heard of Jorma and will check it out.

hifiman5,  I have Amused on regular CD, will I be WOWed by the SACD?
And Clark Terry I also like.

Many thanks to all who have replied so far.

JD, Bass / Piano / Guitar. If you like jazz I’m pretty sure you’ll like it. It also comes in a two cd expanded version for $10 - $12 if you don’t want to pay SACD prices.
@curiousjim    I have never heard the CD of "Amused To Death" so I can't say how much better the SACD might sound but the SACD is a large format box like "Wish You Were Here".
Go for the Clark Terry "Portraits" SACD.  People will, hell you may even drool over the wonder of music engineered so beautifully.
Well I'll second the AKUS live SACD (and all other Allison Krauss SACD's for that matter) and would add a couple more:

O'Brother soundtrack, Chicago (the musical) soundtrack and a really odd one - Vultures with Joe Weed. Kind of a bluegrass take on the Ventures surf sound - pristine arrangements of some great old instrumentals 

One last recommendation would be the first Blood Sweat & Tears MFSL release. 

Thanks hifiman5, I will.

mcondo, I’m actually excited to hear that the first BS&T is on SACD.  The vinyl is good but the cd is really noisy.  I’ll be on the lookout for it. 



In addition to the suggestions as above check out;
The Police - 2003 catalog
The Rolling Stones -  2002 catalog
Jamie Cullum - Twentysomething (2004) Verve -My Reference Disc

Happy Listening!
Hands down: Heifetz and Reiner, Brahms/Tchaikovsky. Living Stereo 82876-67896-2

jazz—Ben Webster/“Sweets” Edison