What's the best s-video cable on the market today?

Has anyone try out the Acoustic Zen Reference s-video cable?
I haven't, but did used to have a Nordost Optix that was the best S-VHS cable I ever used.
The best I've used (and still use) is the Synergistic Research Reference S-video.
I talk to someone over on the Perfect Vision and they use Tara Labs video cables for all their reviews......I'm going to try some of their RSC s-video cables out.
I use Monster Cable M2000HDSV (High Definition Silver Video) w/ Digital Artifact Circuitry. This is one of the best built all silver S-Video cable I've ever seen and has a rock solid picture on both analog and digital. Then again, I have Bybee RCA adapters and Z-Sleeves supporting this and all my video, digital, IC's, and speaker cables. Oh yeah, power cords too.

I'm curious about what application requires a high end S-video cable these days? I'm only familiar with them in the aspect of connecting something to your TV and as I'm sure most are aware S-video is far down the chain as far as video performance goes. So in that context I'm curious why someone would want to spend a bunch of $$ on a cable for that purpose. No offense meant Tin Cup, just curious.
Snipes, I would agree with you about that but I using a new break-through product called QuickSilver Gold and it makes my TV picture so much better I'm wondering now if better cables with this stuff on them would look even better....I do not have a component video hook-up on my satellite receiver. This stuff is amazing on audio too!
Thanks for the information on the Quicksilver gold. I will have to look into it.
One of my friends told me to check out a VooDoo Silverstream s-video cable, he has their top of the line component video cables and said they are great http://www.zoodoocable.net/VSVI.htm
You seriously need to try a Z-Sleeve at the TV end of your S-video cable.
I just want to up-date you all on the VooDoo Silverstream S-video cable. This cable has to be one of the best on the market....it is better than my friends Nordust s-video cable! It like having component video cables! I'm also using their VooDoo satellite digital video cable with F connectors for my satellite fed....Great stuff!