what's the best "mini monior" these days

I looking for something to possibly replace my good old ProAc Tabletts. I still really like these speakers but it's always nice to hear what others like and maybe try a few. I've read (audio review & stereophile) good things about the Joseph Audio RM25si Mk II but have not heard them. I use a CJ MV60 and CJ PV14L.
What about B&W Nautilus 805, Signature 805, Revel M20s? Dynaudio?

I have the N805s and they are excellent in detail, imaging, integratio of mid highs.
I believe the Joseph RM25si's are floor standers...? I could be wrong. I think the RM7si's are mini monitors. I think they were also joint Stereophile speaker of the year. I've not heard them, but Joseph Audio's stuff is always superb sounding. For about $1800 a pair new, you'll probably not do so much better than these RM7si's I presume. But again, I've not heard em. Probably worth a listen as "joint speaker of the year!"
ATC SCM 7s and SCM 12s. These are simply amazing and I would put them up against just any passive cone speaker for dynamics, soundstage and imaging in their price range of $1100/pr. and $2,200/pr.

Vocals are truly natural. The smaller SCM 7s blew away my little 15ohm Rogers LS3/5As even in imaging which is no small feat.

Difficult to drive enclosed box, but worth it.
I second the ATC SCM7. I have tried several mini monitors over the last few years, these are keepers. They are accurate and involving. Truly amazing.
I have the ATC SCM12's and can't believe how good they are. However, you can't use tube amps with them unless you have high power available. They need at least 100 watts. They are amazingly dynamic and detailed.
You're correct I was talking about the RM7si.. Just did the wrong cut and past from the review I was reading. One of the local dealers I called for another reason is hot on the RBH 41-SE anyone get a chance to listen to these?
yeah, cast another vote for the ATC's. i have 3 ATC 10's along with two 50's. they're incredible.

just fyi: like most speakers, they are lousy out of the box. once broken in, the difference is night and day.
You know I know of NO ONE IN my are of the US that sells ATC speakers! I would like to hear some of these models sometime. I'm currious. I know ATC makes some excellent active speakers in the mega buck range, but would like to hear the rest of the line(or at least some). Anyone know where in the California, Nevada, Arizona area these can be found in? Thx
ATC speakers can be found at Flat Earth Audio, they are wholesalers, Flatearthaudio.com. The man to talk to is Chris Barry, he is a distributor, retailer. He can be found at chrisbarry33@hotmail.com. His phone # is also on Flat Earth's website.
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Green Mountain Audio Europa's
I second the Green Mountain Europa.
Wilson Cub IIs.
I have the N805,s but I have auditioned the Joseph 7's with CJ tube gear, and it is an outstanding combination. Did not like the 22's, or perhaps the 25's. If you already have CJ gear, give the Josephs a listen. IMO better then the Revel 20;s, and Thiel 1.6's. I have a Rogue Magnum 99 and a VTL 150 amp. Nice gear.
I have owned and listened to a lot monitors over
the last several years (ProAc, Joseph, Totem, Triangle, B&W, System Audio, Dynaudio, etc.) For the money ($995 retail) nothing can touch the new PMC DB-1. I also like the Revel 20.
Btrvalik, try Kinima g1 from zetagcorp. I have owned these for about a year and have no regrets. I am using an Audio Aero amp and cdp with Van Den Hul cords and Cardas wires and connects. If you are using top flight elecronics, like AA and CJ, you will not be disapointed. Any questions, email me.
Thanks for all the great ideas... I obviously have some listening to do.. Unfortunately some of these are hard to find. Thanks for the ATC pointer.. flat earth is in my neck of the woods. I'm wondering if anyone has had a chance to listen to the Theil PCS. Seems like a small version of the 2.3s
I am bouncing back and forth between the MV 60 and MF 2250A with a PV 14L SE. I am a monitor person for both room and sound reasons. I am using Penaudio Charisma, which is by far the best monitor that I heard in years. I gave up my ProAcs, Meadowlarks and Martin Logans for them. I am travling right now, but send me an e-mail after March 30 and I can give you more details. They had a review in HiFi+ in January. They are avialable in the US and will be at the Stereophile Show in June showing their new woofer system.
You might consider the VMPS QSO626R. Custom ordered with specific options it is very hard to beat.


All the best

Recently bought the Von Schweikert VR! s. They are really fine for classical,deliacy plus warmth. John
No contest: Quad 11/12L...open,clean, and very fast...these really have no weaknesses...and excel in every area across the board...
Sonus Faber Extremas were the best mini monitors in "those days" and still haven't been bested in "these days"
Quad 12L are wonderful. I agree with phasecorrect, they do everything really well. I had ACI Sapphire III for a long time and also owned GR Paradox 1 which are both very fine. With the Quad I just I can't find any weakness... all for under $1,000. Cabinets are also beautiful. I would like to compare with the Von Schweikert VR-1. I will be adding a Talon ROC to have it ALL soon I hope.
Has anyone heard the Audio Physic Brilon 2 monitor?
All stand mounted speakers are not minimonitors; Extremas and Wilson Cubs are great speakers but hardly qualify as mini-monitors. Think box sizes around ProAc Response 1SC.
Newton: yes, I have heard them. I liked them, they image well (to be expected from a well-designed monitor), and they produce an impressive sound (dynamic, fast, extended in the hi register...) BUT:
-- I felt they need lots of driving power behind them to sound tonally balanced hence, expensive electronics
-- They were MUCH better (i.e. more "complete" and "correct" sounding) when mated with a sub -- in my case it was an A-P sub.
Audition before you buy.
I would love to hear the Reference 3a Dulcet, the VOn Shiekwert vr-1, and the Green Mountain Europas...these...along with the Quads would be my first choices...the Revel m20 is nice too....
I don't know the answer in fact I'm asking a question. Just bought the Unison Research Unico integrated hybrid amp. has 80 watts of power. Now I'm looking for monitors or small floors that excel on vocals. I'm buying these for my wife as a surprise. I'm a pro cyclist and hence not home a lot. She loves music and hasn't upgraded in nine years. She mainly listens to female vocals. Can you help??? thanks, DF
reference 3a De Capo I is the best I've heard...of course i'm biased since i own them ;).