what's the best pre-amp for Mcintosh MC275?

I'm currently using the multichanel MHT100 as a pre with my MC275 and the sound is not to perfect. I'm thinking about trying a dedicated pre and the question is which one? Thanx beforehand!
c 2200 or c22 or c41
I agree with Jay d. The C22, especially the re-issue, is an underated pre-amp. It holds up to, if not surpasses, a lot of todays gear.
I have used the MHT 100 not a very good preamp . Try a Mac preamp. Bill
I've narrowed my choices to a VAC Standard or a C-2200. The C22 does not have a remote and no Home Theatre pass thru.
If you get the C2200 be sure to tube roll to Amperex, Mullard or Telefunken NOS - they make a BIG difference: much more dynamic impact and clarity on an already excellent peamp.