what's the best pre-amp for Cary's V-12r?

am considering the Cary 98 for visual and sonic synergy with this amp. have seen and heard these two together with much delight. but am curious if anyone might throw me another bone to chew on?

thanks in advance.
I would stick with the SLP-98, it worked excellent when I had them in my system (V12i). Especially with NOS tubes.
You may want to consider the F1 version of the Cary SLP-98. It is pretty incredible. I love mine.

Not to hijack the thread, but what is the F1?

Timtopper, I have the AES Six Pac's which are quite similar to the V12R and I use a Belles 21A (with Auricaps) with great success.

Mattybumpkin - go to www.upscaleaudio.com. The F1 is an upgrade package for the SLP-98 and you can find details of what is included at this site.