what's the best pre amp

I have a belles 350a with a cary 308 cdp with revel f30 speakers. What is the best pre amp for this setup. i listen from merle haggard to incubus depending on my mood. any info will be appreciated. thanks,Scott
I bought a new Audible Illusions L-2 to go with my Belles 350A. It makes a wonderful combo. I feel this is the best sounding AI preamp to date. Its smooth, transparent and dynamic. It is also quiet for a tube pre. It also has remote volume that works wonderfully. A very up to date product.
The next one.
Doesn't the Cary have 'variable' output on it. Seems like many of the Cary's do. Unless you have others sources to hook up, I'd go right into the amp from the cd player, as long as it has enough voltage output.