What's the best power conditioner

I'm researching power conditioners. The two that have peaked my interest are Nordost's Thor and Furman IT Reference. Does anyone have expereince/opinions with these units?
furman, no question.
My vote is for the furmanIT ref 15 or 20 I have one of each -excellent products -there are also other very good pwr cont -good luck
don't settle on anything without trying the 'power wing' from alan kafton at audioexcellenceaz.com....i have tried most of the best and this product is superb...it even allows one to select the best oyaide outlets to fit your needs ..also the r-1'S...good luck
This is pretty much an impossible question to answer. Of the two, probably the furman, but of all, I doubt I'll ever know.

Good luck and let us know if you find it.
I was very impressed with the Furman IT. I would like to know what can better it in the same price range.
The Audience power conditioners have made the biggest single improvement in my system. But these things, like most everything else, are highly system dependent, so ymmv. But highly recommended!
Haven't tried the Nordost, but the Furman IT ref units are very good. I have the Transparent Powerlink Ultra, even have my amp plugged into it with no sound degradation. As noted YMMV as these are seem to be system dependent products. BTW my unit was purchased about $500 below retail off eBay.
I run tubed gear and found having an Exact Power EP15A to be most helpful...it keeps the AC a constant 120 volts and rebuilds damaged waveforms.
Finding proper or even the best line conditioner is like looking for a needle in a haystack but it's out there. There are certain criteria that should be met to be considered proper and especially best:

o The ideal line conditioner must induce no sonic harm of its own. (You'd be surprised at how many drop out of the picture right here. Especially some of the more popular name brands.)

o The ideal line conditioner must actually cleanse the dirty AC and thereby significantly improve the music presentation. (Most fall way short of this goal.)

o The ideal line conditioner should be passive so as not to draw current away from high-current drawing amplifiers and thereby squash dynamics. (Many do not meet this standard since they are active drawing current to themselves).

o The ideal line conditioner should provide bi-directional filtering. This is critical since digital sources ie cdp's, DAC's, etc. generate digital noise which is bi-directional. This digital noise will go back into the wall and all the way back to the service panel and then into other circuits throughout the house inducing digital noise (sonic harm) into other components even if they are on their own dedicated AC circuit/line. (Most do not have this feature)

o The ideal line conditioner should be dedicated one per component. For several reasons but one reason is because it is the only way I know of to take advantage of dedicated circuits/lines. (Again, most do not meet this criteria).

This should narrow down your choices to perhaps 2 or 3 manufacturers. Using this criteria should help you determine who really takes line conditioning seriously.

Sound Application makes great power conditioners. I have been extremely happy with mine.
So Stehno, which are those manufactors. I'm quite curious!
I can name one manufacture that fits Stehno's criteria....I have been using Foundation Research products since their introduction and have not turned back.
Mariasplunge, Brf is correct.

And though there may be several other top notch mfg'ers of excellent line conditioning I too am only aware of one that meets all of these criteria. I've been using them since 2001 and when I became a dealer a few years ago I was proud to represent their product line. Their older models were quite possibly the best. Their latest models are only about 3 times better.

Anyway, I was not going to mention the mfg'er's name lest anyone think I was a shill. (And please never look at somebody's virtual system.)

But frankly I'm amazed after all these years how even some of the most seasoned in the industry can know so little about proper line conditioning.

Once an enthusiast has listened extensively to even a modest system utilizing proper line conditioning it's pretty tough to go back and listen to any system not utilizing proper line conditioning for more than just a few minutes before ear fatigue settles in.

It's like driving a Ferrari F30 on 82 octane. Well..., I imagine that's what it would be like.

Equitech balanced power is a good start,compliment with MIT.
I like my Equi-tech Son of Q. I was fortunate to get it for free though, I don't know if I could part with that kind of cash for a power conditioner. To it's credit it did eliminate a nasty transformer hum from my previous amp.