What's the best isolation system?

Let's hear your ideas on isolation. I'm hoping this will be a survey of systems featuring the different cone products including Mapleshade Triplepoints and heavy hats, Audiopoints various sizes and their footers, Black Diamond, DB Systems etc; through products like Vibrapod and the sorbathane gel feet,include the bearing type products like Aurios, and how you implemeneted or combined systems for the best sound.

If anyone has tried the Van Slyke Engineering Tri Orbs that have been heavily advertised I'd like to know also.

For instance I'm now using a hybrid Vibrapod sandwich which includes a set of Vibrapods (tumed for each component) a quarter inch piece of plate glass, and then Audiopoint or Mapleshade cones (I'm trying to decide between the two.) I have arrived at this combo by a couple of years of listening in a friends and my system by carefully substituting one product at a time.

Hope to hear from you all.
I suggest reading info at www.avisolation.com There is a wealth of info there.
the very best way to isolate your hifi with amazing results that will keep you smiling forever is to place your speakers on townshend audio seismic podiums , audiophiles and reviewers are going crazy about there amazing performance,
once you have completely isolated your load speakers down to 3hz , isolating the rest of your equipment is a doddle,
if you stay with townshend audio go for the seismic pods or even better the seismic isolation platforms again isolation is down to 3hz . 
all you need to do is find out what each speaker weighs , measure the speakers footprint that will then tell you what size is needed and what size seismic podium springs are required 
for great prices check out emporium hifi in the uk some items are 40??% off retail you cant go wrong your system will be completely isolated isolated from seismic vibration down to 3 hz the difference using these products are ground breaking do not bother with anything else its the best thing you can do for your system but start with the speakers townshend audio podiums you just need the footprint size ans the weight of each speaker job done
I’m surprised that magnetic levitation hasn’t been brought up.  Really helps with digital and tub equipment.  HigherFi made some great strides in this area the last few years.
this thread is so ’2002’; if you scroll up you will see posts of mine from 18 years ago. but things have changed and technology has moved on. there is a new sheriff in town, it’s called ’active isolation’.


as far as magnetic levitation; it’s passive and has it’s pluses and minuses. i used to own an SAP Relaxa 1 mag-lev table, which was just ok. there are other passive approaches that are better. mag lev and hifi are best together with turntable drive systems, not isolation from feedback resonance.....IMHO.

but no passive can touch active when your situation allows active to be used. active has limitations which the thread i linked address. it’s not a one size fits all solution. but it is the best isolation solution yet devised. it’s what state of the art science and industry uses
When the details of the devil reside within then isolation will never exist.Same as it ever was and will be.