What's the best interconnect for my Meridian G08?

My system is a Krell 300 integrated, Meridian G08, with Synergistic Research cables to my Thiel 2.3's. I listen primarily to solo piano and classical. Thank you for your help.
Not to be glib but the best one is the one that sounds best to you. One suggestion is audition through the cable company.

You can try cables based on some recs but the possibility exists you'll be searching for years, although that in itself isn't a bad thing, as you get to hear differences (or not) for yourself.
I auditioned a bunch of interconnects with my G08 and the Purist Audio Aqueous and the Acoustic Zen Silver Reference were the best to my liking in my system. I went with the Purist.

As stated in the post earlier than mine the Cable Co. is the way to go if you want to audition a bunch of different cables to see what works in your system to produce the sound you are searching for.

good luck and remember the journey is half the fun..... well it is for me at least.
sorry I meant Aqueous Anniversary....
Please try the Acoustic System LiveLine. The "piano" will decide !!
The Synergistic Research Tesla Acoustic Reference sounded the best when I had my Krell integrated. These I/C's added a rich midrange and tight bass and cooled off the top end a little. A nice compliment to Synergistic speaker cables. Which ones do you have?
I have a G98AH which is a G08 + video.
The powercord made the biggest difference
in my system. It went from boring to dynamic!
Like Joeyboynj, I use a Synergistic Research Tesla Acoustic Reference XLR, and it is the best cable than I had for my Meridian G08.
I appreciate every one's responses, they were all helpful, thank you.
A friend has the Purist Audio Aqueous with his B&W 802D speakers, Bryston amp and Wadia - he's very happy. I've heard great things about Acoustic Zen and the Synergistic Tesla. Acoustic System LiveLine is a new one to me that I'll have to check out.
As mentioned by Driver and Relentless, the Cable Co. sounds like the best way to go.
I currently have Creative Cable from Music Direct which I believe was produced by Custom Power Cord. I like them, but always wonder how I can improve. Thanks again. I'll let you know what happens if I upgrade.
Take care.
hi Runfast,we use the coincident extreme IC with excellent results,it only cost about $450 3 feet
,the Meridian will sound like should be,youll receive all the greatness of the unit.Regards Carlos
Hi Carlos, thank you for the recommendation. Is there anything in particular that you notice with the Coincident Extreme compared to other IC's? Take care.
I think that the Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II represent one of the best option for the money. You can buy used at very affordable price.
I use the AZ with my Krell KPS20i CD player and I love it.
If your budget is no problem, try the Shunyata Antares or the Stereovox Bal600.
Good luck.
hi Runfast,the coincident extreme has its unique sound quality,first it is a natural sounding cable thats why would bring the best of your player since it would not affects the highs extension and the bass is extremely clean and very balanced,with your player it is very important to chosse with care the IC your going to use,in my experience silver IC sound fine but adds some naturalless than non silver IC,youll here the music flows right in,every instrument there and well define if decided to try,later i know your buying the speaker cable,anything post again. Regards Carlos
Thank you Elduende14, I appreciate the suggestion.