What's the best integrated amp in the $1500-$2000 range?

I'm looking for an integrated amp for roughly $1000, but could be convinced to go a bit higher for something that performs way outside the price range.  My primary focus is analog for my vinyl collection, but I would like to add digital source either from a network streamer or perhaps just bluetooth  from a phone.

Not to overly complicate the question, but I'd also consider something used that's in mint or near perfect condition.
I have the creek evo100a you noted as having not been mentioned above. I paired it with Kef LS50s and love it. I have a friend with a peachtree nova300 and we both preferred the creek when swapping them out... however both amps are good enough that it’s a subjective preference rather than anything overwhelming and you might find the opposite to be true for you. I got it because I wanted a small form-factor, one-box, simple system for the master bedroom but it has since moved to my home office. One minor quibble when it was in the bedroom TV/music combo system is that the remote can’t turn the power on/off. This was an annoyance when watching TV before bed but wasn’t the reason for the change (wife wanted to downgrade to a sound-bar for space saving/aesthetic reasons) and it doesn’t bother me at all in a music only system in my office. I’ve spoken to a handful of other creek owners and all speak highly of the sound quality compared to other amps they’ve owned. I have the Ruby DAC module you can add but not the phono module. The DAC module adds digital inputs, a FM tuner, and Bluetooth but not built-in streaming...so while the sound quality is really good for the price, it’s not up-to-the-moment connectivity for a DAC. Without the DAC module there are only analog inputs. 
Compared to the peachtree, I’d describe the creek as more smooth & musical but slightly less analytical/precise. Definitely a fun and non-fatiguing sound that I can listen to all day. Some worry about electronic gremlins with British electronics, but I’ve never had any issues with mine in ~4yrs of ownership.
Sadly for you, the price of the evo100a is outside the range you gave, especially once you add the DAC & phono modules if you intended for that connectivity to be included at your price point. I can’t speak to the 50a because even though they look almost identical, they actually use totally different amp technology with the 50a using class a/b and the 100a using class G amps. If you can find the creek evo100a in your price range and it has the connectivity you need, it’s definitely a very good sounding integrated. I’d guess the 50a would be too, but I really don’t know.
If all analog connectivity is an option and you can find a used one in your price range, I’d also recommend the Belles Aria integrated...no frills, but it sounds fantastic.
@msafrick - The Rega Elicit-R really surprised me. I read a review or two and it sounded like it would be a good match for me. Musical, with a really solid bottom end. I don’t want to use a sub, so I wanted an amp that could help my speakers produce good bass. That, plus having a good built-in phono stage, in a relatively small form factor, sold me. I bought mine used at somewhere around $1500 (+/- $200, don’t really remember). Anyway, once I got it I was really impressed by the build quality. It feels like it’s milled from a solid block of aluminium. One caveat, it does sound better after it’s been powered up and gets warm. Because of this, I leave mine on 24X7.

Good luck. I hope you find something that makes you happy!
You can easily get an awesome tube integrated amp in that $1.5-2K price from PrimaLuna or their sister company Mystere. I’m extremely satisfied with my Mystere IA11 amp from Upscale Audio in a vinyl system which is listed in "virtual systems". If you don’t want a full tube amp a contender for a hybrid w/ tube preamp and SS class A/B power amp (not class D like the Sphinx) is the Vincent SV500 integrated amp, also from Upscale or Audio Advisor.
Another idea: Black Ice Audio Fusion F35 Integrated Amplifier.

Integrated amplifer designed by Jim Fosgate.

I’d forgotten to mention the Audiolab 6000a and thought I’d throw that into the conversion to see how it compares with the integrateds below.