What's the best integrated amp in the $1500-$2000 range?

I'm looking for an integrated amp for roughly $1000, but could be convinced to go a bit higher for something that performs way outside the price range.  My primary focus is analog for my vinyl collection, but I would like to add digital source either from a network streamer or perhaps just bluetooth  from a phone.

Not to overly complicate the question, but I'd also consider something used that's in mint or near perfect condition.

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You can easily get an awesome tube integrated amp in that $1.5-2K price from PrimaLuna or their sister company Mystere. I’m extremely satisfied with my Mystere IA11 amp from Upscale Audio in a vinyl system which is listed in "virtual systems". If you don’t want a full tube amp a contender for a hybrid w/ tube preamp and SS class A/B power amp (not class D like the Sphinx) is the Vincent SV500 integrated amp, also from Upscale or Audio Advisor.