What's the best integrated amp in the $1500-$2000 range?

I'm looking for an integrated amp for roughly $1000, but could be convinced to go a bit higher for something that performs way outside the price range.  My primary focus is analog for my vinyl collection, but I would like to add digital source either from a network streamer or perhaps just bluetooth  from a phone.

Not to overly complicate the question, but I'd also consider something used that's in mint or near perfect condition.

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I had nearly exact question several months ago: https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/seriously-considering-tube-preamp-opinions?page=2&sort_order=desc

Perhaps some answers in that thread will help. I was very tempted by the Vincent 237mkII but no phono, which you said you wanted. Many, many people also suggested Parasound.

The Rogue is a great call, I suspect. For the money, and depending on power needs, the QS Integrated is an unbelievable value -- it's $2k, new, so perhaps a non-starter, but if you like vinyl and would go tube... http://quicksilveraudio.com/products/integrated-amplifier/ I heard this integrated drive some Dynaudio Evoke 10 speakers (84 db) and it did very well -- lovely, organic, dimensioned soundstage and tonal balance.

@chakster I like your suggestions! Can they actually be found for the OP's price point? Used?
@chakster Thanks! Those are great bargains.
Another idea: Black Ice Audio Fusion F35 Integrated Amplifier.

Integrated amplifer designed by Jim Fosgate.

I cannot find info on the Croft — at least not a price and place to buy it.
Belles Aria and Parasound Integrated (Hint 6? NewClassic 200?) would have to be used to fit in $1000 (desired) or the $1500-2000 (allowed) OP price range. I've seen all used, though, and had both on my short list. The Parasound has a gazillion features, not least the crossover control; the Belles is simpler (which appeals to me as a mark of build quality/focus).
That is fantastic to know about! Never heard of Croft before but what a price point. Look out Schiit!