What's the best EL34 amp besides 8b?

I am looking for a tube amplifier with 4 tubes of EL34 push-pull.
Obviously the most famous design in history is Marantz Model 8b.
What are others compared to 8B?
I knew a few: Dynaco ST70
Conrad johnson MV52 50 55 60
a lot from China or HongKong

How do they stand before 8B?
There is currently a VAC PA 35/35 for sale on Audiogon which uses 4 EL34's in push-pull design. Though I am not familiar with that amp in particular, I am familiar enough with Kevin Hayes work to believe that it would be a special sounding amp. I have no relation with the seller.
Audio Note Kits EL34 and if you are not a builder ANKits will put you in touch with one.

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Reviewers consider the sound of the Cayin A-50T to be close to the classic Marantz 8B.
Manley Neo Classic 250s