What's the best digital cable around 100 each?

This is how I configure my system:

Cal Delta->Meridian 518->Cal Alpha (it's arriving)->Aragon 8002->KEF 103/4

Currently, I am using Audioquest Emeralds for all interconnections and Argent/Midnight double biwire speacker cables.

I need two digital cables to replace the Emeralds, one from transport to digital preamp, and the other from digital preamp to dac.

I am thinking about getting LAT International DI-20. I already use their powercord with good results.

(I feel like I am leeching off this forum for audio with not much to offer in return)
Illuminati DV-75.


Illuminati makes ONE thing: DIGITAL CABLES
(distributed by Kimber Kable).

Many "digital" cables are nothing more than RG-59 (Home Depo),
or the same as their analog counterparts, but are in different packaging.

BTW, the fact that a company can make a good power cable
(the easiest type of cable product to produce), is absolutely
no indication of their ability to produce a good digital cable.

Repeat: Illuminati makes ONE thing: DIGITAL CABLES
(distributed by Kimber Kable), and that is all they have
been doing since 1992.


I run the LAT powercords/interconnects and they make an excellent product. Not so well known, but I've run thema against more expensive and they do very well. Be happy they don't cost a fortune.
Get used Illuminations D-60s (they can often be found around $100) which are wonderful reference quality digital cables. Analysis Plus Digital oval also sounds amazingly good (I used to own the D-60 and when I needed to cange from an RCA-RCA to a Rca-bnc I jot the AP cable and have found it fully satisfying (everything comes through clean and pure).
Don't spend a bundle here.Apogee or Canare will do a super job at very reasonable prices.
I have tried some of the cables mentioned here, but nothing I've heard is as good as Acoustic Zen Silver Photon retails for $99, most places discount to $90 or lower.
A bit difficult to say which is best as all have their goods and bads!
However, for under a $100, some of the good ones are:
ZuCable Firemine
Harmonic Tech Cyber copper
Millersound digital
Acoustic Zen Photon
DH Labs D75
For real value for money, the Apogee and Canare LV-77S are great!
Hope this helps!
I agree with Ramesh23. The canare cable is a great bargin. Very well made.
1) AZ Silver Photon
2) HT Cyber Copper

In that order, and, of course, IMHO.
Hey, good call guys! These are tons of cables: I got homework to do.

Does anyone use dejitter devices? I am asking because I wanna know which cable is more important, the link from trans to dejitter or the link from dejitter to dac.

On a side note, I just received my Alpha with Mullard EC883(?). They seem to synergize with my Emeralds very well, providing lots of air and tons of detail, but a bit lean and a bit rolled on the highs. When I replaced the EC883 with CV4004, GE longplates and Tesla something, the synergy was lost. After putting the EC883 back, I swapped the Emeralds with Bettercables' Silverserpent and AQ's Quartz, the synergy is lost again. Who ever heard of a cable having synergy with a tube...