What’s the best DAC match for the Cambridge Audio CXC original or V2?

So I currently have an Oppo BDP 93 and a Schiit Bifrost Multi DAC. I keep reading over and over that the Cambridge CXC transport is the best in its price range, but I’ve seen little about what DAC’s pair well with it. My preamp is an ARC, SP9 MKll, and my amps are Acoustat servo’s. I’m also not opposed to keeping the Oppo and trying a different DAC.

New, used. Price TBT.

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So you think I’d hear more of a difference with1.5m digital (rca) than I would from switching to an all glass Toslink? I currently have a AQ, .5m.  Is there a brand you guys think sounds better, or can/should I stick with Audioquest?

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Had the Schiit Modi 2 (with a 4490 chip board upgrade, not the Multibit), and an Oppo BDP-103.  Got rid of the Modi and changed out to a PS Audio Stellar DAC preamp, which improved the Oppo a bit (was still using its internal DAC, however), but then I got the CXC and then there was a noticeable difference in clarity and detail, which I wasn't really expecting.  Got rid of the Stellar and got a Freya+ and a Topping D90 and later a Denafrips Ares II and enjoyed them both a whole lot more, but they were different.  There's a lot of good DACs out there for under 1k and you'd be hard pressed to find a better transport under 1k, but it does come down to a matter of taste for the DAC after you get past the $100-$200 threshold. The CXC does not play anything but Redbook CD's so if you have SACD's you're out of luck.

speaking for myself only, i cannot hear a difference between the glass toslink (i have 2m wireworld and a 2m lifatec) and a 1.5 m Cullen or Empirical coax... when connecting between various streamers and DACs accepting both options

but i would say, if you are ordering a lifatec glass cable, know that it is relatively fragile (it is thin flexible lightweight minimally jacketed cable), you will need to be careful with it... i believe a good 1.5m rca cable would be more durable
Much has been discussed on this forum regarding coax vs. optical connection with the majority finding coax preferable.  There are also discussions on the science regarding length of coax cable, with  very short or 1.5 meter being optimal for most cables. Neither issue is likely true under all circumstances. I chose to go with the consensus on this one and have been happy. I run both so as to connect two sources to the same DAC having only one of each type input. The primary source gets the coax cable. And, as jjss49 indicated the coax is more durable. With glass optimal do not use tight bends in the cable. 

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A new 1.5 will be ordered this afternoon.

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