What s the best Class A integrated tube amp over 80W

I am using Sound Lab ESL speakers, which have a very high impedance at low frequency (30 ohms). At high frequency, SL speakers have very low impedance (3 ohms). I loved the class A in Pass Labs amp, but it took too long to FULLY warm up in my small room (9x11)-5-6 hours. I have a thread on Agon on this topic, but now I would like some recommendations on the best Class A tube integrated amp with >80W. Usually, integrated are the budget model of the line, but must be GREAT class A tube integrateds. Any recommendations?

Something like these amps made today would cost so much money and might not have the same high quality parts and workmanship.

well the grandson of the vt100-2 or 3 is the current ref150/se @ $13,000, so you are on point ...


David Berning 211/ 845 OTL amplifier but the best isn’t cheap.
Thrax Enyo - I personally have not listened to it, but some friends of mine have listened to it and said it is wonderful.  Might be worth checking out.
Lancelock, why would you post amps that are so expensive?   I believe the majority of people that are reading here and in this discussion don’t have money like that. I looked up the David Berning 211 amps and saw they retail for $75,000. I didn’t bother looking up the 845 OTLs.  Of course there are a lot of super expensive components out there that are only for those that are wealthy. If you are fortunate to have money like that, then you’re lucky but for most people $5,000 to $10,000 is a whole lot of money to spend on an amplifier.  I think I could have easily pick a number of amplifiers that are over $50,000 and posted how good it is. Just trying to find your reasoning.
Just another thing to think about when we compare new technology to older designs.  The best things that were ever created to make music sound its best were invented very long ago,  Vacuum tubes, LPs and Reel to Reels.