What s the best Class A integrated tube amp over 80W

I am using Sound Lab ESL speakers, which have a very high impedance at low frequency (30 ohms). At high frequency, SL speakers have very low impedance (3 ohms). I loved the class A in Pass Labs amp, but it took too long to FULLY warm up in my small room (9x11)-5-6 hours. I have a thread on Agon on this topic, but now I would like some recommendations on the best Class A tube integrated amp with >80W. Usually, integrated are the budget model of the line, but must be GREAT class A tube integrateds. Any recommendations?
Getting my new VAC sigma 170iq delivered next week. Can report soon. Demoed VAC separates and loved the sound
Check out a cayin h80a integrated. You can find them used for about 2-2.5k. I’ve heard them and they sound excellent. Dual mono design as well. 
Good luck 
Vinni Rossi L2ise which uses 300B DHT tubes in its preamp section. 100 watt into 8, 170 into 4oms. Fabulous sounds 10 year warentee US made. I have the unit and it replaced and beat fine mono amps with separate preamp. Also has optional DAC and phone pre modules you can add if wanted
The best class A tube I ever heard is: Ear Yoshino monoblocks 509 (100w), I have the Wavac 805m (56W)and is great to!