What's the best aftermarket cable for Senn. HD650?

OK, I've got one chance to blow some early Christmas money.

Anyone out there compared the Cardas, Silver/Blue Moon & Stefan Equinox replacement cables?

All about the same or is there one that comes out "on top"?
OK, answered my own question to some degree. Those of you who might be pondering the same question go to www.head-fi.com for reviews (posted by non-pro, audiophiles just like us).

Save me the suspense--- who won?--And of course;I'm lazy.
Looks like a close draw between the Silver Moon and the Equinox - each having it's own attributes, depending on headphone amp, personal taste, etc..

Personally, I've always tended to prefer Silver, if its done right, so I'll probably go for the Silver Moon.

To be continued...
In my experience on Head-Fi,the Zu Mobius is generally recommended as the best overall replacement cable for the HD 650's. It is very expensive in relation to most of the others, however (believe it runs about $250 for a 3 meter length - check Zu website to confirm). After the Zu, the Equinox and Silver Dragon have many proponents. These are not as expensive as the Zu, but the Equinox has a very long waiting period at the present (16 weeks) if you want to order one. You should also consider Larry at Headphile.com's replacement cable for the HD 650. I have talked to people who have used them, and they are considered to achieve within 85%-90% of the Zu's performance for about half the cost. He's also a great guy and nice to deal with. Another cable replacement option is the Oehlback cable offered from Meier Audio. This cable is generally regarded as only a modest improvement over the stock cable, but it is fairly inexpensive ($60). Hope that helps.
I've owned both the Zu and Moon Audio Silver Dragon. Both were excellent, though my preference ended up being the Zu (at Head-fi people are split between these two cables, generally).
The Silver Dragon beats the Cardas, for sure.
I'm a head-fier too - loving music is a very expensive hobby, isn't it?!? I got the Zu Mobius cable for my HD650s and am well pleased with it. Besides, the silver aluminum connector on the cable at the headphone end is just so cool! ;-)