What's the best 12AU7 for CJ PV10A?

I am currently using a pair of the same tubes that VTL installs new in their preamps (That's all that my dealer had in stock on a Sunday). I don't remember what they are called. They sound as awesome as the RCA red label tubes that I replaced (I think), but, my system was down for quite some time before I heard the new tubes. Any info? Am I using the right stuff? Anyone had a bad experience with these types of tubes? Also, thanks to everyone for your great responses in the past... Brad
I have never spend megabuck on tubes, but for around $20 per tube I have never heard better than the ones the Conrad Johnson sells, which are the ones that come in it new. If you liked how it sounded when you bought it (if you bought it new) then the CJ OEM tubes are the way to go. They sell for $42 for a matched pair.
Two tubes to try, Telefunken 12AU7, and Amperex 7316 (7316 is another version of 12AU7). Both of these are wonderful tubes and will provide top performance. I do not know about the tubes selected by VTL, but they could be as good(?). Try the ones I suggest against them and have some spares. It takes trying new tubes out to find what you like in your own system.