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I'm not bothered by room vibrations; carpet is layed over poored concrete. I have a sturdy equipment rack and I'm currently using the large AQ footers under my Arcam FMJ23. I have brass points and black diamond racing cones on hand but I'm hesitant to unscrew the existing feet and experiment because I don't know how the original feet are secured inside the unite. I don't want to end up with 4 little nuts laying loose somewhere in the bowels of the player.
First question - can I safely unscrew the feet of my Arcam so I can experiment with various cones?
Second question - has someone found an affordable product that makes a significant improvement in the player that I should consider?
yes, you can unscrew the feet, all of the gear I had, have the bottom panel threaded or the nuts are welded to the inside of the bottom panel or you can leave the feet in place and only use 3 cones, 2 in front, just inside the feet and one in the rear center, or the reverse ....
The only "product" that I have found that gives superior sound in my FMJ CD23 are XRCDs...
Review the website of www.audiopoints.com and search the threads under audiopoints and sistrum.
Rock you don't necessarily want to secure the cones to the bottom of the player. You can change the sound "tune them" by varying the spacing between cones. Cones farther apart typically is leaner / more detailed. More them one inch at a time closer together, & the sound becomes less detailed, warmer / more musical. So you can experiment with different cones & also experiment with cone spacing in order to tune the sonic signature that's most desirable to you.
Thanks Dill; I've started experimenting with the racing cones. I can't hear any difference from the AQ feet. So Bob, I'm not confident that I'll hear any changes if I move the cones around. Not saying you're wrong. The changes that I've heard from different power cords, ICs, cables, and feet have been so very subtle that I can't justify the cost of swapping out my current accessories. Maybe my system isn't revealing enough or maybe I've got a hearing loss. Who knows! Sherod, thanks for pointing me to the audio points site. I only have threaded ones. I'll try them in another week. Pbb, I own only one XRCD (Bill Evans Trio) and while the sound is fantastic, the music is not to my liking. If I could find more popular (rock) artists on that label, I'd buy them.
Rockyboy, even though the platforms work better, the threaded Audiopoints( that's what I have under my Meadowlark Osprey) will give you big improvements in dynamics,coherency, soundstaging, and imaging.You'll also hear a difference under your cdp.But any pointed cone may not work. I am referring only to the actual Audiopoints cone. I would highly recommend that you call Star Sound(Audiopoints parent) and talk to Robert Maicks, the president of the company.Robert is a very knowledgeable and congenial gentleman who would enjoy talking with you to answer all your questions. I think you would be pleasantly surprised with all the suggestions and recommendations you'll receive to help you fine tune your system.Also, if you could list the rest of your system(please list all cables) and the speaker placement in your room, I think you'll get some more helpful advice.Hang in there. Remember, this hobby is supposed to be fun.

I'll give Robert a call. As I said in my last post, I'm not the most discerning person and I'm not rolling in dough. So it's hard to justify spending a lot of money (and I don't have the time) buying and experimenting with equipment and accessories. And when I do, I usually conclude that my current set up sounds pretty darn good. But like a lot of audiophiles, I'm always wondering if there's an inexpensive way to get more out of my system. Thanks for help.