What's the 911 on re-tips?

Pick up  a used super expensive cart for pennies on the dollar and re-tip with a grade A needle and boom!... you have world class cartridge on the cheap.


I'm sure there are lots of negative opinions on this concept but is there any deals to be had?


BTW... If you have a "real deal" and you don't want the price to spike with too much interest, please PM me.

Ha, HA... you're right.


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Maybe I should have said..." Hey Siri"

You won't be able to buy a "world class" (read "very expensive") cartridge for pennies on the dollar.  You'll probably pay 60-70% of retail, unless the cartridge is very much a vintage model.  In which case, the condition of the suspension is a concern beyond the condition of the stylus and cantilever.  There is a reduced cost lunch but no free lunch.

Depends on how anal you want to be about the retip. For instance, most cartridge manufacturers want you to sent the cartridge to them for repair and they are expensive. But if you have someone else retip and try to sell the cartridge later, chances are resale value will drop.

Deals? I like listings with broken cantilevers or missing styli, and I have sent a few of these (including ones I broke myself) to Steve Leung of VAS Audio. Steve is an incredible EE with pinpoint expertise and materials for proper quality retips at reasonable prices.