What's that ticking noise in my speakers?

I left my 2 month old CDP and Intergrated amp on for half a day and played some CDs at different interval at fair to moderatedly loud levels. It all went well except for later of the day when I played "Live in Paris" by Diana Krall, at my favorite track 11, " A case of you", I started to hear some ticking noise that never heard of before at the tweeters ( both left and right). When paused, the ticking noise went away and put at play the audible ticking noise can be heard again . After inspected the CD and there was no sign dirt or scratch, I played the same track again , the ticking noise no longer there. What's with my speakers? Are the tweeters distorted at fair but not too loud level or Is my CDP acting up?
Maybe you had a hair or fiber on your disc and it fell off when the disc was ejected. Anyhow, be happy that it is gone.
Disc related....mine change alittle also with no obvious imperfections to my eye.....