What's playing in your head today?

That's right, what song can't you get out of your mind. Today or always.
Yea. I like this. No need for $40k equipment to be an audiophile.  Just play the music in your head.
oh oh. I detect a boomy bass.
clearly something isn't grounded in my head.
It happens to me almost every day. A song gets stuck in my mind and it keeps playing over and over. Very annoying. The best way to get rid of it is to listen to my system and replace it with something else. I suspect it’s a mental problem of some kind. 
Today it’s Paul Simon. Don’t know where I picked that one up. 
Stones’ Hang Fire

In the sweet old country where I come from
Nobody ever works
Yeah nothing gets done
We hang fire, we hang fireYou know marrying money is a full time job
I don't need the aggravation
I'm a lazy slob
I hang fire, I hang fire
Hang fire, put it on the wire baby
Hang fire, hang fire put it on the wire baby, go ahead
Hang fire

funny you should post this, I've had ZZ Top blasting for a day or more....
Wishing You Were Here - Chicago
I've heard recalling T-Rex's song "Bang-a-Gong" will purge any such song. Worth a try!
Today, all last week, JD McPherson's Lucky Penny. Why? Simple drum track and I'm trying to learn to play it.
“Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar” when I really crave a Reese’s 
Romeo and Juliet...Dire Straits
"Watermelon Man" from Herbie Hancock's Driftin'!
R.E.M.- "Eponymous" album, specifically "Radio Free Europe."
Take on Me by Ah-ha!
Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet with Butterfly Wings