What's next for the Magnepan 3.6R

I'm in the market for a new Magnepan 3.6R, however as I was researching this speaker I realized that it has been available for about as long as the 3.5R was, and then the 3.5R turned into the new improved 3.6R. So rather than purchase a new 3.6R I'm wondering if the 3.6R is dued to be replaced sometime this year with a new improved model? Does anybody know anything? Thanks, Uriah
I know that history usually repeats itself; but sometimes we grow old waiting for things that never happen...

In my search for a new racing bike, I had been waiting for 10-speed Ultegra since the introduction of 10-speed Dura-Ace about a year ago. But I decided the heck with waiting for the future and bought a 9-speed Ultegra equipped bike. I've been enjoying riding here in lovely Oro Valley for a few months now and I'm told the 10-speed Ultegra is still a year away. I hope to get in a lot of riding before then...

I'm basically as clueless as the next guy about Magnepan's long range marketing plans. I'd like to see them come out with a scaled-down version of the 20.1 for around $5k to $6k. Who knows how far down the line that technology will eventually trickle?
This really does not answer your question, but if you are going to buy Maggie's, I would higly recommend getting a pair of 3.6's and not worry about what Magnepan is going to do in the future. There are some things that you can do to the speaker that would greatly improve them that Magnepan will never do.

1. Bypass the fuse
2. Completely rewire the speaker.
3. Improve all the connectors
4. Reinforce the frames
5. Build a new crossover with better parts

All of this information is easily accessible and more specifics can be had by contacting Tireguy.
Well Plato and Jtinn I finally gave in and bought the 3.6R's. I put them together and had them running since last Thursday night and they sound wonderful. I have them breaking in on a pair of Denon POA-6600 mono blocks until they reach about 400 to 500 hours when they will then be hooked up to my trusty Classe' CA-400 power amp. Belive it or not they do sound quite good on the Denon's and they do have bass. I am very happy so far and would like to thank both of you for your replies. Take care.
i would buy which one sounds better to you.

if the 3.6 really sounds good and good with your gear in your room, then i would pull the trigger.

there is alot of audio products that have been revised only to sound worse. just because something is revised doesnt make it better.

best regards,

Your absolutely right Mike. Just like the ARC SP-9, I bought the original SP-9 and when ARC came out with the Mk II version I thought the original sounded better, however in Magnepan's case they really did make the 3.6 much better than the old 3.5 So I figured since the 3.6 is out now as long as the 3.5 was I was thinking Magnepan would be soon replacing the 4 or 5 year old 3.6R with a new model. I decided that I didn't care and went ahead for the 3.6 Whatever Magnepan replaces the 3.6 with I will be staying where I am as I am very happy with it's sound and it's not even broken in yet. It's definitely a WOW kind of speaker and I would highly recommend it to anyone in the market for one. From my knowledge of Magnepan, when they make a improvement it usually is an improvement. Thanks Mike, Dave