What's next after proac 1.5 with cary v12/slp94

Love all kinds of music esp jazz and vocal. romm side around 6 metre by 12. Just have a tight budget around 2,000 to 4,000 prefer used. any recommendation will be highly appreciate. Think the 1.5 is a little slow on the low mid so it make that "disappearing act" a little hard to do.
Your issue may be with the Cary's..The V12's are very good amps..having heard them last year at my dealer..I felt the bass was a bit loose and thick on the Hyperion 938 speakers he was using. The Cary pre amps such as the 94 and 98 are not the most transparent pre amps,although nice sounding.. I think they tend to be somewhat "rounded" in the presentation and I feel that the caps are an issue also..either sounding to cold with the stock caps..or too warm and lacking detail with the upgraded oil caps..no middle ground so to speak.

The 1.5's are a sweet speaker thats fast and open..with a huge soundstage, if you want to stay with Cary..a pair of CAD 50m MkII monoblocks paired with AES DJH Sign. pre amp is a nice combo that will be somewhat faster sounding and more detailed. Id look to replace the amp and pre amp first IMO.