What's next after Perfect Wave Transport


I recently acquired a PS Audio PWT and it is a great improvement to my system compared to the eight year old CD player I was using as a transport. A lot more presence, bass, and rhythm to the music. Sounds more "live" to me.

While I am happy with the improved sound, I am wondering if I can do better.

Can anyone share their experience in replacing a PWT with another transport and how the sound changed?

Thanks for listening,

Hey dsper,

Take a look at the threads on the Jay's Audio CDT2 MKII transport for the details why this offers even a higher level of sonic performance then your PWT transport.
I had the PS audio transport and DAC. Try the Hegel Mohican cd player. Add a solid power cord and stillpoint feets to get the best out of it. The sound is very musical - deep bass, sweet highs, great mids and highly recommended by several reviewers - stereophile A+