What's next after my 300B Rega Turntable

I a very happy new vinyl lover. But I've got the itch for a significant improvement in my turntable. One of my dealers is recommending the Well-Tempered Classic, but does not have one to try in my home. Thoughts, ideas, recomendations for a turntable under 5K. Thanks
Grandpoobah: If you are willing to spend $5K (MSRP), you absolutely MUST include the VPI Aries turntable with the JMW 10.5 or 12.5 tonearm. The pair sells new for $3700-4000. The other option is to find a used VPI TNT in its latest version - with a good tonearm, you should be able to get it for around $5K used.
I have a Well Tempered Classic and it is a great value. You can spend alot more and not get the same performance. I do agree that the VPI tables are very good. I have owned alot of different tables and arms and find the sound of the Classic to be very satisfying. Check out the tone arm listings. Someone is selling a Grado Signature arm, they are very cool, very rare, and sound tremendous, put that on a VPI and you would get great sound for the Buck!
Maxgain: In various postings, you and I seem to share very similar opinions. The comment you make about the Grado Signature arm is certainly right! In further response to Grandpoobah's question, there are some other choices that he might want to consider. While I like the VPI line for its combination of performance and price (particularly the HW-19 Mark 4, Aries, and TNT Junior), Rega also has a fine line of turntables, such as the Rega Planar 9, which are well within his price range. Among the tonearms he should explore are the Rega RB900 (this is the tonearm I have and I think it's a great buy); the Kuzma Stogi; the Graham 2.0; and the SME offerings in his price range.
Give the Audio Advancement Eurolab a spin for 30 days with a money back guarantee.I put the Schroeder Model 1 on mine.I have heard good things about the Golden Gate arm and Schroeder Model 2.These combos should fit within your price range {973} -875-8705 Hart. Happy hunting!
Teres Model 255 Signature in Cocobolo. Origin Live Encounter tonearm, Shelter 501 MkII cartridge. That gives you the whole package for just under $5k. I speculate that you would have a very difficult time beating that for $10k, or even more.
Origin Live Resolution table. Origin Live Encounter tonearm. Shelter 501 MkII cartridge. Total is just under $4700. Origin Live gives a 14 day money back guarantee (I think you pay for shipping, though). They have U.S. dealers listed on their website.
Wait a minute. We have a question here about which of the "Poobahs" is higher. Is it the Great Poobah, or the Grand Poobah? Is anyone "pulling rank" here? Is there some kind of accepted "Poobah" hierarchy?
Didn't mention the cart you have. Why do you want to dump the rega so fast?
Since you say you're "new" to vinyl (welcome!)I'd keep the rega w/ unknown cart, and put $3k into used and new vinyl, save the rest, and wait till next year.

Do not ever talk to dealers about recomendations. They will always have one. It will not be what you have, nor will it be for free.
Shasta, not all dealers are cads. Some are very much interested, in giving the customer great sound. Though some are not, but a blanket comment such as that, is not fair, to those who truly care.
Grandpoo- I used to have the 300 and upgraded to the WT Classic. The Classic is quite a bit better- quieter, extended bass, much more clarity. A couple of things to bear in mind if you decide to go used- be sure to get the black damped platter (vs clear or frosted acrylic) and, if possible, get the round motor and not the square motor.

One further note- I use a Benz LO.4 cartridge which seems to work well, but you might ask around before making a decision. TWL likes the Denon 103 and Shelter cartridges and, if they would work well with the WT table/arm, they might be good choices. With a few exceptions, I'd stick with MC cartridges on this table.

Hey Jimbo, I like the LO.4 too! I think that is one of the best Benz cartridges. While I always talk about Denon and Shelter, because of the nice prices for the performance, I definitely recognize that the LO.4 is a real good cartridge. If I had any arm considerations that limited me in compliance ranges, I'd go for the LO.4 in a heartbeat.