What's new with power conditioning?

I just moved to a new place and I need some help. My old house had PS Audio ports and I had an electrician run some lines for me and my sound was CLEAN. However, my new place isn't so clean. I can hear the dryer coming through my speakers when I wash. Lucky for me, I only wash once a week.

I took the PS Audio power ports from my old place but for now I just don't have the cash it might take to have a qualified electrician come over and set up my lines.

I looked up PS Audio and wow, they have a bunch of new stuff.

What is out there that will clean my power. I use a tube preamp and SET amp and this probably pulls the most power. The rest of my system is a CD player, turntable and that's it. I might be adding a SACD player.

Any suggestions?
Exactpower EP-15A. I'd stay away from PS Audio's new Premier. It's a me-too product, not as good as Exactpower IMO.
In all due respect...I know several people who sold their Exact Power EP-15A's to upgrade to the PS Audio Premier.But they did so after an exhausting head to head listening test.
I just offed my BPT 3.5 Signature and Monster AVS2000 combo in favor of the P3 and never felt like a "me-too".
What's your premise on this post?
Have you actually compared the two?
Just curious...much respect to a CLS owner, as I had a pair with the Kinergetics subs for awhile as well. They certainly are a "sonic window" (or "door" as my wife called them).
Gentlemen, let us not forget the important role that synergy plays. Different components and performance will vary. Try both and trust your own ears. After all is said and done, it is your money and your ears.
Soundlogic, I refer you to these two threads for comments (mine and others, particularly Zaiksman's) comparing the EP to the PPP:


Oh man a dispute about power........SHOCKING! :)
Exactpower EP-15A, how much for one?
Match, I think they're around $2500 msrp +/-
Chadnilz, it is apparent to me that you enjoy being confrontational. Your feigned pity for people that don't agree with your every observation is disingenuous at best.
$2500 is a nice chunk, maybe more than I want to spend at the moment. Given that the PS Audio and Exactpower units have a good number of followers, I would say that either one might work...work for me, anyway, having ears of tin. What is available at the lower levels. What about the Power Duet? The Px00 line seems to have vanished. At one time I wanted one and checked a friend that had one and I will admit that it did get hot. What happened to the Audio Magic stuff?
There aren't a lot of regenerators on the market (and some that say they are, aren't, like the Panamax) But if you just want to try one on the cheap, I'd recommend the Monarchy Audio unit. It's $750 msrp and 100 watts max. so only really useful on front end stuff.
John I am sorry you seem to be the sensitive type so let me explain. Every once in a while something strikes me as funny, such as a joke and I thought using the word "shoking" in a power thread was funny. Maybe you were confused when I didnt frame it in the classic "knock knock" but still it was a joke.
Many here know I spend lots of time being any help I can, many here also know I like jokes, and it seems odd to me that you would call me "confrontational" yet it is you who is taking time to directly confront me....Hypocritical?
For anyone who wants to know, I am here till Thursday, please try the fish.
Sound Applications X-12E, hope I have that right, is on A'gon every so often for about $1200-1500. Check out their website, Soundapplications.com, I believe and see what you think. I do not sell their product but I do use it.
The Sound Application products are all conditioners, not regenerators ;--)
Ok, so conditioner vs regenerator? What are the pros and cons? Are the regenerators the way to go? It would seem they would get the cleanest power. It also seems likely that the conditioners are probably the cheeap alternative.
Oh, I get it now. You are sorry I'm a sensitive hypocrite. Apology accepted.
I would say dedicated lines are going to cost you less then gear that will be quality enough to cure what your current electrical is sending into your gear.
Chad, ded. lines are always a good thing, cetainly one of the most cost-effective improvements one can make. But there are two big things they won't fix:

1. They won't improve the AC your utility company is sending you in terms of inaccurate sine waves and fluctuating 120 voltage. And,

2. They can't eliminate noise that gets into the powerline before it reaches your house.

And to Matchstick, for a long time conditioners were all we had. They do their thing using big filtering devices which, by their nature, limit rapid energy transfer between the powerline and your components. This is a problem particularly for amplifiers (which always will suffer a reduction in dynamics) and to some degree to DACs, for reasons I don't yet understand. But used elsewhere, they can help, there's no doubt about that. It's how they do it that's the problem.

Further, conditioners can do absolutely nothing about #1. above. However, regenerators can fix both #1. and #2., and do so without limiting dynamics the way conditioners do, since they eliminate noise through a technique that doesn't choke energy transfer.