What's needed to Steam Tidal

Is there anything other than a MacBook need to get the best sound from Tidal? I recently purchased an AudioWhen Coffee 3m USB cable to run from my MacBook to Ayre Codex DAC. I am just streaming music from Tidal. Prior to the cable purchase I would stream using an Audioquest Vodka optical from my Bluesound Vault. Comparing the two, the sound coming from the Bluesound blows away the MacBook. The soundstage is wide, there's more detail, clearer etc.  Do I need any special software or something or just stick to the sure thing?
Stick with a sure thing, I always do. That said, you should be able to get comparable quality sound from Ayre based on what I've heard. 
So just keep using the Bluesound but maybe change your cable, optical is not the best,  I would personally use coax and some folks seem to like usb.
With as fine of a DAC the Ayre Codex is, it's drawback is there are only (2) inputs. There is one optical and (1) USB. As mentioned earlier, the Bluesound played via optical cable sounds phenomenal. Using the USB port from the MacBook, not so much. It sounds good, but not near as good as the Bluesound.
Ah ok then have you tried USB from the Bluesound to the Codex? I assume the Bluesound has a USB out?
forget the cables (tho many do like the LUSH ones - no one knows why); you might try a Schiit EITR - return if not happy

also ask on:
Using s MacBook is old technology way to noisy vs a good digital player 
Which units such as Aurender have internal hand drives at least 2 T or more 
A large 120Gig AS buffer to hold your music in Q no miving parts and siper quiet.
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"What's needed to Steam Tidal" 

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If you want to improve on your USB based sound, then I would start with something like the Uptone Regen or ISO Regen. There are other options as well. W4S. SOtM, etc. etc. etc. This would be from your MacBook. And you will be able to A/B vs the Bluesound via Optical.

If you like the results, then I highly recommend going Tidal via Roon, into a Roon Endpoint. I use the Sonore microRendu. Sonore has just released the UltraRendu. There are also options from SOtM and others.
Since you are on a Mac you may want to try Audirana.  https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=audirvana+plus+3&ie=UTF-8&oe=UT...

Provides excellent sound, good control, and direct access to TIDAL and TIDAL masters which is MQA.  (the MQA files are stellar...)

I will agree with stfoth...the Bluesound into the Ayre would sound tremendous. I am a fan of Benchmark DACs (DAC3 HGC) and Schiit (Yggdrasil), so I would try those brands. And yes I agree, the Bluesound blows away the MacBook Pro. That is why I luv it.
Per Tidal you can only get the "HiFi" quality via the desktop application or Google Chrome web browser.  Otherwise you're not getting the full output from Tidal.  Are you using either of those?  If not, just install either/or then do a comparison.  

This is from the Tidal website:   To use HiFi/MASTER you need to have TIDAL HiFi account. For HiFi playback you need to use Chrome or the TIDAL desktop application. The best HiFi/Master audio quality is only available on the TIDAL desktop application -Download here.

It's not the quality of the USB or optical cable or running a different music player on your MacBook. The reason your BlueSound Vault 2 sounds better than your MacBook is mainly because your BlueSound is likely specifically built for audio playback vs. being a general purpose computer.

For many years I used a MacMini running the Pure Music player via USB to my DAC including an Ayre Codex DAC. I replaced the MacMini with an Aurender N100H as the music server (streamer) and the SQ improved immediately as the Aurencder is specifically built for audio playback with galvanic isolation, a solid state drive to buffer music playback, a lean Linux OS, a better clock than a general purpose computer, etc.

I've never used a BlueSound Vault 2 but from what I read on their website and support forums, it serves the same role as an Aurender, in that it's a purpose built music server. Arguably it may not sound as good as an Aurender or higher class music server, but now we're splitting hairs. I know your BlueSound has TIDAL integration and is close to some level of TIDAL MQA capability, which blows away streaming Redbook CD tracks.  
Lumin just released firmware for most of their streamers supporting full MQA capability via TIDAL. On my Lumin S1, I'm now able to listen to TIDAL MQA tracks, some as high as 352kHz / 24 bit. IMO, once more streamers get certified with full MQA capability, this will be a game changer. CDs go away and no more need to purchase hi-rez albums via HDTracks. It does require the more expensive TIDAL HiFi subscription level but well worth it.

I'd investigate your BlueSound support forums as there's lots of discussion about the Vault 2 supporting MQA. You may already own what's needed to enjoy high quality streaming now or in the very near future.
Thank you guys, this is all great stuff and very informative. I will definitely look into suggestions.
Bluesound punches above its weight. I used a Bluejeans Belkin coax cable and routed digital output to the dac in my Marantz SA 8004 for consistency (B/S can't ((yet)) read SACD or dsd.