What's my next upgrade? Please advise.

Hi Folks. I'm wondering what my next upgrade or equipment switch should be and would value any advice or tips. I'm pretty happy with the sound I'm getting but I guess I always have the upgrade bug. My system is as follows:

Audio Physic Virgo Speakers (very latest edition - single wire/not biwire).
Sonic Frontiers Line 3 Preamp (with upgraded Siemens tubes)
Blue Circle BC2 Hybrid Monoblocks (75wpc Class A)
YBA CD1 Alpha Blue Laser CD Player
PS Audio PowerPlant 300 (giving me problems so not using it just now)
3 Shunyata Sidewinder power cords (Amps & Preamp)
2 YBA Diamond power cords for CD player and CD power suppy.
Stealth Triple Ribbon silver speaker cable (8')
Homegrown Audio Silver Lace 1meter inteconnect.
Harmonic Audio TruthLink 1meter interconnect.

Room size is about 18x14

Many thanks,
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Your system looks really cool! But I can't imagine those being your best choice on the speaker cables and interconnects. I'd be looking for some reference series stuff at this stage of the game. However If I made a suggestion the local canibals would have me for lunch. I will leave it at that for now.
Yes, your system looks awsome! I agree with Glen and would work toward a unified wire family -all wire from same maker (hint: Nordost). Also, your YBA CD player may be getting a little long in the tooth.
Three words: Nordost Quatro Fil


G-O-L-D-E-N- R-E-F-E-R-E-N-C-E (Cardas).
I agree with everyone else, cables would be a must and also look at Synergistic Research. I have their Designer Reference inter-connects and been extremely happy.
What problems are you having with your PS Audio Power Plant? I have two 600s and they are great, but not enough power for the amps.
Thanks everyone for the advise - yes, I expect that cable upgrades will be next on the agenda - whenever I get the scratch. I'll probably consider Nordost SPM Reference, Quattro Fil, Cardas Golden Reference and FIM Gold.

Not sure what CD player I can get that would take me to any new level - the YBA delivers nicely, even though I agree it's a bit over the hill at this stage. Perhaps an Audio Aero Capitole would be a nice improvement bit a little expensive for me. I wonder would a Naim CDX or BAT VKD5 do the trick?

On the PS Audio Power Plant problem - it's managed to blow the fuses on my Pioneer Elite DV09 DVD player three times (and it takes a half hour to open up the chassis, change the fuses and close the player each time). Also, it has blown the fuse on my Line 3 preamp power supply, and my preamp sounds like it's ready to blow up even when I have the powerplant on regular Sin - hence I don't plug it into my power plant any more. Power capacity is definitely not a problem - the power capacity is never over 130watts when I had my preamp plugged in. Without the preamp plugged in, the power registers as zero. It just seems to want to destroy my equipment with a vengence. I've sent PS Audio and e-mail a few days ago but no response yet.

Anyway, thanks everyone for the advice.
Can you regulate the output voltage on that piece? You might take a reading and make sure your voltage is not too high leaving the unit.
Just wanted to mention that I upgraded one of my cables so far - I swapped in Nordost SPM Reference for my Homegrown Audio Silver Lace, between preamp and power amps. I can't believe the difference! All cable upgrades up till now have been subtle at best. This cable has elevated my system to new highs - the music's better in every way. I'm a cable convert now. I just have to get the scratch for the next cable upgrades :-) Thanks,
yes, nice system

I'd consider the cable and also look at the EVS Millenium II Dac, a real jaw dropping experience, I'm rediscovering my cd collection these days.

Guys - I got another Nordost SPM interconnect and a pair of FIM Gold Speaker Cables. Now I'm all set - the system sounds awesome! Thanks for the advice. I was so surprised by the difference the cable upgrades made. Glare and harshness I didn't even know was there is now gone, and the bass is now even more rock solid. I can't belive the combination of transparency and detail, and yet the sound is so unfatiguing.