What's my next step in AC conditioning??

How do I get my system's background to be quieter without losing dynamics (or adding brightness)?
I currently have 6 components plugged into a Monster HTS 2000 plugged into a standard double wall outlet. If I plug my CJ MV-55 directly into the wall outlet, I lose dynamics.
What's the next step:
An audio grade wall outlet? Which one would be best for me?
Upgrade from my HTS 2000?
Thanks in advance!
I'd start with a good outlet. Search on some comments by LAK. He seems to have done the most research, via his ears, on this topic.

I've tried Hubbels from Home depot, PS Audio Power ports, and Porter Ports from AlbertPorter here on audiogon.

For under $40...the porterports are a steal, IMO, and in my system. Better dynamics, more queit background.

Your amp might be best plugged in outside of the conidtioner. The front end components only into the conditioner. After expiramenting...I sold my conditioner for everything...but YMMV.
What do you have plugged in the HTS? What components?
Do you have a dedicated line?
There have been several threads on this topic that you can benefit from...
The HTS which I currently use, is a nice piece but there are better options I'm sure you'll get input from other members about this.
Would like to suggest some trials to you but need more system details

Into the HTS I have:

CJ MV-55
Creek OBH-12 passive preamp
HAD 512 CDP used as transport
Scott 350 FM tuner (vintage)
Sony Cassette deck (I am always dubbing for my kids)

It is not a dedicated line.

Oops. Typo. That was a NAD (not HAD) 512!
Umm dedicated line helped me some with systen details and dynamics but since there are other ways to try things before you buy I would say try a Hydra or Exact Power AC conditioner, you can get these form soem Agon dealer to try out first. Next Granite Audio has a Ground Zero unit that I am going to try soon myself, also trail period. If these do not get you the desired results then try a dedicated line. Outlets are also recommended for the $40 each price tag but they will not quite your system.

Happy Listening.
There are still a lot of issues to address. I never tried the porterports, because I already had all the PS Audio ports I needed. If I had to do it over again I would buy a few from Albert Porter since they are cheaper, and I would think that they are just as good.

I haven't been impressed with the Monster power conditioners, but if it works for you, go for it, or stay with it.

Since I started looking at the power supply to the equipment I have replaced a lot of stuff. I replaced every power cord in my system. The improvement was worth the money since I replaced them with DIY cords. The background was much more quiet. The cords dropped the noise floor! I don't know how, but I replaced them one at a time. Every time I finished a new one I got the same result. The thing I noticed the most was the blacker backround and improved bass clarity.

I got the same results when I went to two seperate circuits of dedicated line just to the stereo. I used one for the amp and one for the front end.

A person could say it was all a coincidence or it was all in my head but I got the same results when I did each one of the seperate steps; the power cords; the outlets; and the dedicated lines. The cost is small compared to buying a new amp or speakers, and I think it was an effective investment.

Try any of those suggestions.

...and dats da name a dat tune!
I most definitely noticed an improvement by running two dedicated lines (one for amps, and one for source/pre). But then, I am running several high current amps (two Adcom GFA-555II's in bridged mono, one Adcom GFA-2535, with two of the channels bridged mono), and the one (non-dedicated) line I had been using couldn't provide all the juice that I needed. While I feel that installing the two dedicated lines was the main improvement, I have also incorporated all PorterPorts, all DIY power cables (from Ernie Munier), and PS Audio Ulitimate Outlets on each line (with a HC model for the amps, and with PorterPorts installed for the two non-HC models). I believe that all of these components have been beneficial to my setup. Also, FWIW, my dedicated pre/source AC line is 12AWG Belden, and the line for the amps is 10AWG Romex (the 9AWG Belden was too pricey for me).

Hope this helps, Tom.
I just tried something this morning and I think that I may have cured my problem.
My audio system is set up in my den where I have the usual computer, moniters, printers, UPS's, plus other electronic devices.
This morning, I left everything plugged into the Monster HTS2000. However, I moved to an outlet of a seperate electrical line that has nothing but outside lights on it(via a heavy duty extension cord). Somehow my system is now quiet. Does this make sense? Is all I need a seperate dedicated line for my audio equipment? What this make such a difference?
Getting the other electronic devices off of your line should yield an improvement in lowering the "noise" on the line, and should also help to ensure that you are getting as much current as possible to your system. It sounds like a dedicated line (or two!) would be your most significant first step. It certainly was for me.

1. When you say that used 12AWG Belden & 10AWG Romex for your dedicated lines, do you mean that the electrician ran that gauge wire all the way from the breaker panel?
2. Have you ever tried plugging your amplifier directly into the Porter Port?

Yes, the 12AWG and 10AWG lines are from a separate break out box, even before my breaker panel. I assisted in the wiring job, and ran the lines myslef (drilling through floor joices and everything!). No, I have not tried the amps direct without the UO's yet. I'd like to spend some time playing around with different configurations to see just which upgrades are doing what, but I barely had time to get the job done and get my system back together. With wife and two little kids, I have to get work like this done when they are out of the house.

These are the steps to doing this:

1) Power delivery
2) Cleaning of power
3) Preventing cross contamination
4) Not ruining the music in the process.

You have made a substantial discovery: the benefit of a dedicated line. Cross contamination from outside sources and power delivery improve. Now you need to do steps 2, 3 & 4. Step 1 is finished off by getting a Porter Port. Lak says it's the best outlet he's tried--and believe me, I've been to his house several times. He's got every outlet out there and a set up consisting of six dedicated lines.

I would get one or two smaller ONEAC (2-3 amps)isolation transformers from eBay ($15-30)and plug them into the Monster to isolate digital and analog. The Monster has two separate filtration circuits, so I'd use one for digital. Adding a small ONEAC for the digital will surprise you as it outperforms filters costing hundreds of dollars.

Search the archives, as this is extremely application specific. No set route, no set products.
Thanks for your response.
1. How do I locate the 2 circuits on the Monster; there are 12 outlets on it. CD, video, amplifier, aux., etc.
2. Will 2-3 amps be enough for my CJ tube amp? (I see a 1 amp ONEAC transformer on ebay.) Is that enough?
Basically the side labeled for DVD and CD player on the HTS has the most filtering. The other side has much less i.e. where the AMP labeled outlet is and provides for more power hungry applications like AMP.
Based on your comments by all means invest in two dedicated lines, cost for labor will be almost equal than doing just one. As you noticed the less other things plugged in your system's line the better results you get. For quite a while I had my digital source, preamp, amp, TV set, cable signal , VHS in the HTS. I tweaked my system and found a testing track like track #23 in Chesky's "Ultimate Demo disk" and listened to how detailed and better presence the organ sounded and also how better or worse the different part of the chorus were portraited. This led me to just leave in the HTS what I really need for music reproduction, in other words even just having other things plugged there and not "on" had some effect. In your case I'd suggest trying without the Scott and deck and see what happens.
Power cords have also helped me a lot, I even changed the stock in the HTS..... not easy but doable Your comments please
Uri: the Monster has a schematic diagram on the underside. It has two filter circuits, each using two inductors in parallel. The power amp is best plugged directly in the wall using a cryo'ed outlet. Later you might want to try something beefier, but for now let's keep things simple, in balance and within a reasonable budget.

Here's a review from someone that followed my suggestions:

Power conditioning and cryo treating

I am not a huge fan of multiple dedicated lines, as that can bring ground loop issues. My system runs on just one 30 amp, 220V dedicated line and I use step down isolation transformers. It works.
Good post. I recently moved most of my components to an area where I need to run a new circuit. This post reminded me to contact Albert and get some of his Porter Ports. He directed me to his listing here on Audiogon. Check is in the mail.
Thanks for all the posts.
Bottom line is that I willinstall 1 or 2 dedicated lines plus Porter Ports. I will also try some oneac isoltaion transformers.